New Year – Getting My Mojo Back

Finally a New Year post. I have been a bit busy you see, with postgraduate study and general post-pandemic fatigue. So I have been quiet here. I wasn’t only generally world weary but sex weary, kink weary and even football weary, But that, as they day, is a different story. Frankly if you had had to watch West Bromwich Albion for most of this season you would be football weary too. But I hae been saved by writing and lunch.

I need to write. Writing is how I understand myself, it is part of how I explore the world and learn about myself. And I was fortunate enough to have another opportunity to write a story for Frolic Me. I loved writing it, it really got my creative juices flowing and other juices too. But it is an unusual story and I really wasn’t sure about it. But the lovely Tabitha liked it and it is going up soon (I will post a link) so you will have the opportunity to judge for yourselves. I was really uncertain about it and my finger hovered for an age before I pressed send. But it’s done and I feel better for it, in fact I have felt inspired to write more and have another filthy story to post soon. And my first university essays have been reasonably well received so that’s another bonus.

And then lunch. I had lunch yesterday with a former work colleague who is now a dear friend and make the decision to glam up and wear a Vivien of Holloway kitty dress and full make-up (something I do far too rarely). I felt so good, ready to go out and conquer the world, I came away feeling loved, and that was the most important,

I have my life mojo back. My sex mojo will surety follow. And as for te kink mojo well…..any submissive men reading this who are going to play with me in the next future should know that I have plans for you.   

Such simple things and yet so important in putting my life back on some kind of track. It’s been an awful two years, all the more awful for knowing that our government didn’t give a fuck but we have to move on. I am moving on and I would like you, dear readers, to join me.                

2 thoughts on “New Year – Getting My Mojo Back

  1. I feel your situation.
    A corner has been turned.
    The new reality is still forming. But I’m feeling the urge to write after a long drought.

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