He told me had once been a dom. I already knew that and knew he hadn’t been the kind. Loving dom my friend Anna had needed. He had rather been a domineering arsehole, on a power kick. But, when I first met him, I sensed that, behind his cartoon like dom persona, lurked submissiveness, a submissiveness that he was trying so hard to deny. We … Continue reading SWITCHING WITH THE SISSY


“It is always by way of pain one arrives at pleasure.” – Marquis de Sade His Mistress set him weekly lines, 250 each time.  This task was tedious and irksome. It did not hurt but the repetition of the line burned the message into his soul. And his Mistress chose the lines appropriately. He opened the e mail and read “The lines that I require this … Continue reading THROUGH AGONY TO ECSTASY

Playing Those Mind Games – A Post for Masturbation Monday

“Play with yourself for my entertainment” I commanded and sat back to watch the performance. He had a gentle rhythmic masturbation style that was pleasing on the eye. I could see that his eyes were focussed on my stiletto heeled thigh boots, presumably to fuel his fantasies.  I rather liked the idea of a man masturbating to me in my presence. It had never happened … Continue reading Playing Those Mind Games – A Post for Masturbation Monday

Going for a Curry

Never let it be said that the BDSM scene is not tolerant and broad-minded. It attracts such interesting people.  Mistress Helga appreciated her life in a multi-cultural society and was pleased to have chambers on the edge of Manchester’s most famous Asian area. She was fascinated too by the variety of men, occasionally women, who came to serve her. She particularly enjoyed the transformation she … Continue reading Going for a Curry