In my last post on the ever-wearying trans debate I said I would return to the issue of single sex spaces. Here goes: I am going to start with Blackpool Football Club and an apology to any Seasiders fans who may be reading this as I am going back to a time in their club’s history that they do not remember fondly. That is the … Continue reading A FEW THOUGHTS ON “SINGLE SEX SPACES”

Roe v Wade – A Wider View

I have a friend, let’s call her Sarah. Some years ago Sarah was trapped in an abusive relationship, emotionally abusive and not physically I understand. This relationship left her with deep seated feelings of worthlessness and, as so often in abusive relationships, a perception that she had to stay with her abuser because no one else would have her. She did not deserve better. At … Continue reading Roe v Wade – A Wider View

New Year – Getting My Mojo Back

Finally a New Year post. I have been a bit busy you see, with postgraduate study and general post-pandemic fatigue. So I have been quiet here. I wasn’t only generally world weary but sex weary, kink weary and even football weary, But that, as they day, is a different story. Frankly if you had had to watch West Bromwich Albion for most of this season … Continue reading New Year – Getting My Mojo Back


Punternet is not a pretty sight for anyone who thinks that women should be respected. Amongst other ”delights” there are reviews by punters so feel free to pass comment on a woman’s belly, saggy tits, off putting tattoos, or criticise a sex worker for not being enthusiastic enough or clock watching (mate, she’s a worker, workers do clockwatch and if you think that being fucked … Continue reading THE SERVICE

I Can Check Out Any Time But…..

“Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.” – Tom Stoppard I have broken a mirror in a hotel room, the consequence of a hard, brutal fuck on a table. I have checked out of a hotel after two hours leaving the white bed sheets covered in chocolate after playing with a Cadbury’s Flake. I have conducted affairs in hotel rooms, I have met strangers for … Continue reading I Can Check Out Any Time But…..