How I Became a Woman

As I lost consciousness I fell into dazzling whiteness at the bottom of which was a long shining corridor to a large oak door. I entered into a chamber where a magnificent woman sat on a throne, peacocks at either side.

“Come kneel  before the Goddess of Cunt and make your petition.”

“Gracious Goddess of Cunt, oh Queen of all Vulvas, I humbly request that I be made a woman.”

“Why do you request this?”

“It is what I have always wanted. I desire the beauty of the vulva, the ecstasy of the clit, a slick vagina inviting in a hard throbbing cock.”

“You desire to be fucked by a man?”

“Yes Goddess.”

“Stand up and walk over to the table.”

I walked over to a table where 6 clay vulvas were laid out.

“Choice is a privilege. I hardly need mention that it is not a privilege granted to those born female.”

“No Goddess.”

“Take a look. Feast on the beauty of each one. And make your choice.”

I looked up and down the row.   They all looked the same to me.

“Well I don’t really know…I….”

“Use your imagination girl. Imagine being the first man to have you. I am sure you can still manage the male gaze. You won’t just want to be fucked will you?”


“Of course you won’t. You want his face buried in your bush, tonguing the slit, fingering you. massaging your clit..”

“Well yes I suppose so.”

“You suppose so? You suppose so?.”

Her tone of mock surprise was accompanied by a contemptuous sneer.

“Yes I do Goddess.”

“So you need vulva number 2.  Those thicker outer labia  are just perfect for a man to get between his lips, to suck and enjoy. And you will enjoy.”

She waved her hand and the other 5 vulvas disappeared.

“You have a choice now. I can send you back to Earth and you can see what sex is really like for women. You can be fucked by a guy who stinks of beer, who is done in a few seconds, shoots his load, rolls over and falls asleep.”

“And do I get to come?”

“Of course you don’t! But do you think the average man cares?”

I said nothing.

“You can make out with the man who has picked you up in a bar. You insist he uses a condom because you are sensible like that. But he slips it off just before penetrating you, stealthing as they call it. And then you notice a sore. So it’s down to the STI Clinic for you. Or the clap clinic as they used to call it.”

“Men do that?”

“What won’t men do darling. You have so much to learn.”

“Or you meet Mr. Superstud via a dating app who talks such a good game but when you get to the bedroom, oh dear! He can’t get it up and he blames you. The thing is there are so  many women out there having shit sex. And, having looked at your file, I have to say that you have been responsible for some of it.”

I remained silent.

“I could call it karma. Couldn’t I? But you have another option ”

“What is that Goddess?”

“It is to serve the God of Cock.”

She clicked her fingers and clouds of dry ice filled the room. There was a flash of light, fiercely bright but damped by the mist so that I did not need to turn away. I saw a figure.  fly down from the vaulted ceiling and land. As the clouds cleared I saw a large bearded man, about six feet tall, with a huge cock protruding for his trousers.

“I am the God of Cock. Ever hard, ever needy, ever ready to fuck. Serve me and you serve me for ever. Your cunt will be mine and mine alone. You will always be ready, you will never say no. Think about this before you say yes. My offer is of eternal sexual servitude.”

I said nothing.

“Kneel before me and contemplate.”

I knelt before him, looked at the huge cock, at the prominent vein running down the back, looked at the tip, at the end straining to burst the bounds of the foreskin. I saw it throb. I saw the gleam of pre-come in the spotlight that the Goddess of Cunt was shining on it. This could be mine for ever. I only had to say the word and the God of Cock would make me his and fuck me, fuck me hard, for all eternity.

“Oh most magnificent God of Cock, I choose servitude, I offer you my cunt for all eternity, I crave to be your sexual plaything. Please make me yours.”

I leaned forward to kiss his sandalled feet. I cried.

They watched me for a few minutes, before the Goddess of Cunt said

“Come to me, you who are to be made woman,  lie on the couch.”

I lay down. She came over to me and with a sweep of the hand tore off my cock and balls. She held them up before me, smiling. I felt no pain, only relief, and no regret as she threw them onto the fire, which spat and crackled as the flames consumed them.

She took the clay vulva, licked it on the reverse and laid and gently over my crotch, carefully moving it into place. She placed a finger in her own cunt, took it out, held it up, It was wet. I could see that from the way it glinted in the light. She rubbed the finger over my vulva, saying

“Oh great Goddesses, may you, through the medium of my juices, bless this woman and her vulva, may she walk proud, may she never be ashamed of her sexuality.  May her cunt be considered beautiful. May she be fucked as she earnestly desires. Amen”

She stood over me in silent contemplation. She made a sign over my crotch with her hand, saying words that I could not make out. There was a moment of silence. I felt euphoria rising within me.

She took my left hand and guided it my crotch. I felt the roughness of pubic hair, I felt softness, I felt an opening. She gently pushed my finger in.

“Feel that. You have waited all your life for this. And now you have it. And this,” she guided my hand upwards, “is your clit. Touch it, feel it, love it, make it your best friend”.

“Thank you Goddess, thank you.”

Again I felt a tear running down my cheek.

“But there is a price. You have chosen eternal servitude to the God of Cock. Play with yourself while you wait for Him to make you His.”

I began to rub my clit, and the intensity of the sensations soon had me moaning, I saw the God of Cock  walk across to me.

“Keep playing with yourself. We will come together before I fuck you.”

And we did. I came just as The God of Cock ejaculated and filled a golden goblet with his come. He handed it to me saying

“Drink the drink of sexual servitude”.

I sat up and drank. It was like no come I had tasted before. It was very slightly fizzy, had the saltiness I expected, but an unmistakable aroma of elderflower.

“This is the nectar of the Gods of Sex.  It will dilate you and make you big to take me as now you must.”

He took the goblet from my hand. climbed on top of me, grabbed my wrists roughly and pushed me back onto the couch. He drive his cock into me and thrusted quickly and forcefully, oblivious to my discomfort and pain. It was hurting,  it was really hurting and I wanted it to stop. I called out but he ignored me. He was fucking me into submission, showing what servitude means. I felt his cock growing even bigger inside me, swelling as my cunt couldn’t. It was going to burst, I knew it, I……

“Please Oh God of Cock, please stop, please…”

He roared with contempt, his excitement at my predicament made him bigger still, ever bigger, ever…

Please! Please!”

I came round . I saw that I was back on the ward. The operation had been done. It hurt like fuck and I was aware of something hard in my new cunt.

“What is that?” I asked a nurse”

“It’s a perspex block we use to dilate the neo-vagina” she said. “The body thinks it is a wound, so it tries to close it up. You’ll need it for a while yet I am afraid.”

“Only thing I want inside is a cock” I replied. “The fat throbbing cock of a guy who is going to ram me sideways, thump me so hard that I bang against the headboard and beg for mercy”

“I beg your pardon?” .

“I am sorry. That was really inappropriate”

“It certainly was.”

” It is just that I have wanted to be fucked by a man all my life.”

“Well I suppose I can relate to that” she answered.

She walked away, then stopped and turned to me with a smile on her face.

“When it does happen, I just hope you are not too disappointed.”


A post for Wicked Wednesday. For more wickedness click here.

19 thoughts on “How I Became a Woman

  1. I’m not entirely sure what the right sentiment would be. I loved how you expressed this, the dream during the operation, brutal as it was, surgery is too. Thank you for sharing this 🌸

  2. This was like a game of three halves (to ruin the quote!) A fabulous fantasy, hot and inventive, I loved the idea of servitude to the God of Cock and pre-selection of the most attractive vulva. Yet it was also a sad statement of the depressing grind of bad, selfish sex and how common it is. The final part which related to the surgery was poignant and illuminating, exploring harsh realities and emotional states. As ever – dear Eve – I am in awe of your skills of expression, and privileged you’ve shared them.

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