In my last post on the ever-wearying trans debate I said I would return to the issue of single sex spaces. Here goes: I am going to start with Blackpool Football Club and an apology to any Seasiders fans who may be reading this as I am going back to a time in their club’s history that they do not remember fondly. That is the … Continue reading A FEW THOUGHTS ON “SINGLE SEX SPACES”

Roe v Wade – A Wider View

I have a friend, let’s call her Sarah. Some years ago Sarah was trapped in an abusive relationship, emotionally abusive and not physically I understand. This relationship left her with deep seated feelings of worthlessness and, as so often in abusive relationships, a perception that she had to stay with her abuser because no one else would have her. She did not deserve better. At … Continue reading Roe v Wade – A Wider View

New Year – Getting My Mojo Back

Finally a New Year post. I have been a bit busy you see, with postgraduate study and general post-pandemic fatigue. So I have been quiet here. I wasn’t only generally world weary but sex weary, kink weary and even football weary, But that, as they day, is a different story. Frankly if you had had to watch West Bromwich Albion for most of this season … Continue reading New Year – Getting My Mojo Back

December Roundup

Two years of the corrupt and incompetent shitshower of a “Government” run by the ineffable Boris Johnson and there are still millions who would vote for them, notwithstanding tens of thousands of avoidable Covid deaths, draft and corruption, culture wars, lies, flagrant breaches of public health regulations we are all expected to follow, the attempt to criminalise protest, and……I could go on but as we … Continue reading December Roundup