For My Entertainment

I always keep a surprise up my sleeve. All good Mistresses keep their subs in a state of nervous apprehension. Paul had carried out his domestic chores diligently, he had worshipped my legs and thighs, he had received the mild caning I thought appropriate for a first session. He was beginning to relax as the session entered its final twenty minutes. He had to learn that subs never ever relax in the presence of their Mistress. There will always be a new challenge and the bar of their suffering will be raised a notch every time. I ordered Paul to lie spread-eagled on the bed and secured his wrists and ankles. I lifted up the maid dress to expose his cock which rose as if in salute and began to dribble.

I frowned and reminded him that he must never ever come without permission.

‘Yes Mistress’ he said simply, resolved to obey.

I slipped on a pair of latex gloves, gave his prick a slow deliberate rub and said

‘You are completely in my power. I can do anything I like but you……..if you come without permission, I will send you away and you will never see me again. Is that clear?’

‘Yes Mistress.’

I took a vibrator out of the drawer and held it against Paul’s cock. As I turned it up and moved it around the tip of his penis he began to writhe, fighting the inevitability of the forbidden ejaculation. He arched his back and tensed his body. He was soon nearing the limit of his endurance.

‘Please Mistress, please.’

‘Shut up’ I said holding my free hand over his mouth. ‘You’ll speak when I permit you’.

He writhed again pulling his mouth free of my gloved hand and said again

’Please please I beg you.’

A tear began to roll down his cheek.’

I continued. His prick was huge, but he was fighting to obey. He thrashed again, pulling at the restraints. He was helpless and he knew it. When he began to sob and beg for mercy I decided he had had enough. He was exhausted. He has been so good, so obedient. I decided he deserved his reward, although I wouldn’t tell him that yet.

I freed him from the restraints and ordered him to stand up. I hitched up his skirt to expose his cock. I fondled it gently and saw it rise as if to order.

‘Play with yourself for my entertainment’ I ordered.

I sat down on my throne, crossed one booted leg over the other and watched as he began to move his right hand up and down the shaft. I lit a cigarette and drew on it, blowing clouds of smoke in Paul’s direction. I put on my practised poker face not letting him guess whether or not I was satisfied with his efforts. As he slowed I barked

‘That’s not good enough. Wank that cock for Mistress.’

He looked at once startled and afraid and redoubled his efforts.

‘But you are not to come until I give you permission. Is that clear?’

‘Yes Mistress’ he said quietly, reddening a little. But after his first two hours of submission he was beginning to understand, understand that submission is not to be entered into lightly, that the state of constant apprehension was a necessary part of his development. He rocked from side to side on the stilettos that still gave him difficulty, then he took his hand and began to knead the tip of the penis which was now huge and gorged with come. He longed for release but still didn’t know whether I would grant it. He bowed his head and worked away. He was so eager to please me. I felt my clit harden and begin to rub against my panties.  How I loved my job!

Then I said

‘On your knees and come to me.’

He moved gingerly forward on all fours,

‘Did I tell you to stop wanking?’

‘No Mistress I’m sorry.’

Supporting himself on his right hand he wanked with his left and came close. I pulled him towards me and placed his head in my lap. I stroked his head. He began to moan with pleasure as he felt the warmth and softness of my body. I stroked his hair and said softly.

‘Get down and worship my boots.’

He dropped to the floor and began to lick the soles of the left boot.

‘Continue to wank. And place the heel in your mouth. Suck it like you would a cock. You’re a slut and you’re going to learn to like sucking cock. Next time I’ll start you on my strapon and the time after that you can meet Tina, my little slave girl. She has nine inches and loves being sucked by whores like you. And you’ll love swallowing her come. Wont you?’

He mumbled something in reply. He now had the whole of my heel in his mouth.

‘Did I say stop wanking?’ I raised my voice to show my displeasure.

He muttered something that might have been sorry and his free hand moved quickly to his prick.

‘And now you may come.’

He intensified his efforts and kneaded away.

‘Come or you’ll get forty lashes.’

Then it happened. He dropped to the floor and groaned with pleasure as the creamy fluid came spilling out over his hands, matting his pubic hair. I looked at him lying there, tired but happy, his hands and crotch sticky, in his black maid’s dress, his wig,  his stilettos and I thought that he was in a place where he would come again and again, under my feet, dressed and humiliated, wanking to order. This was utter and total abasement and he had already learned to love it..

I stood up and towered over him, looking him full in the face.

‘Maid Lucy you are dismissed.’

I smiled at him and knew that he understood. This wasn’t humiliation for him. He had pleased his Mistress. He knew that being given permission to come was a privilege to be cherished. He knew that I would agree to see him again. Paul was in paradise.

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