He told me had once been a dom. I already knew that and knew he hadn’t been the kind. Loving dom my friend Anna had needed. He had rather been a domineering arsehole, on a power kick. But, when I first met him, I sensed that, behind his cartoon like dom persona, lurked submissiveness, a submissiveness that he was trying so hard to deny. We … Continue reading SWITCHING WITH THE SISSY

Eroticon 2014 – a fantasy

I was feeling the drop even before I boarded my train.  I watched the crowds thronging around Temple Meads station and reflected that I was no longer in the bubble of lovely sex-positive and open minded people where I had spent the last two days. Here were people who would not understand, not share my passions, my longings. I was sad even on this sunny … Continue reading Eroticon 2014 – a fantasy

Going for a Curry

Never let it be said that the BDSM scene is not tolerant and broad-minded. It attracts such interesting people.  Mistress Helga appreciated her life in a multi-cultural society and was pleased to have chambers on the edge of Manchester’s most famous Asian area. She was fascinated too by the variety of men, occasionally women, who came to serve her. She particularly enjoyed the transformation she … Continue reading Going for a Curry