July Roundup

So we had football and England’s fabulous performance in the European Championship, we had tennis, we had a kind of normality that really wasn’t. We also had a Government that. having spent a year and a half scaring everyone silly aboit the virus suddenly decided to scrap all restrictions and, seemingly, all sensible public heath measures, and let everyone get on with it. All this as a third wave of the more infectious Delta variant was ripping through the mainly younger and vaccinated (or partly vaccinated) section of the population. Whatever your views on the rightness or otherwise of the decision to open up (and I accept that most restrictions needed to go sooner or later) the actions of the Government are a gross abdication of responsibility.

But onto less depressing matters. The KInk of the Week prompt fpr the first ha;f of the month was Gags and I enjoyed this by Sub Bee,

From the first Sinful Sunday of the month I liked this by Molly

Sadly the anti trans wars continue. This by Jane Fae is pertinent.

Kink of The week fr the second half of the month was Fucking Machines. Now I don’t now a great deal aboit them and have only once seen one in action, that in a performance at the West Midlands kink event Cirque de Chaos. I remember a pro domme I one knew keeping one on her goodie shelf and telling me that, much as she liked using it on clients, submissive men who were up for most things turned pale and muttered “Sorry Mistress but……” at the sight of it. This post was illuminating.

It has been a while since I administered a good paddling. And this picture by Jerusalem Mortimer really put me in the mood.

I don’t think Girl on the Net has done Quote Quest before but she is on cracking form here talking abut why love and sex do not have to go together.

And now music. I have always associated the classic Ultravox album Vienna with 1981 but it was actually released 41 years ago this month on 11th July 1980. Vienna is actually far from being my favourite track on the album. This is Astradyne.

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