City of Whores -Part Four

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Part Four – Ludmila

Berlin – 2012

It was on her first day as a sex worker that Leah met Ludmila. She showed Leah round the Kreuzberg brothel, have her advice, seemed open and friendly, despite her faltering German. The day was quiet and by early evening she had seen only two clients. The first was an older man who was polite and clean, something that, Ludmila explained, could not be taken for granted. He gave her seventy Euros for full service and a further thirty for the room, money that went to Renate, the lady in her early 60s who managed the place and who had disappeared after welcoming Leah to the start of her first shift.

They had time to talk.

“I came to Berlin with my friend Okhsana. We both wanted to be models but I couldn’t get and agency to take me on. She has made it though. Look”

She reached into her bag  and took out a crumpled copy of a German women’s magazine. She flicked through to the fashion pages and showed Leah the spread, a woman of 18 or 19 posing in the fashionable summer dresses that would be available in budget stores. Okhsana was tall, had high Slavonic cheekbones and blonde hair cut into a bob.

“She’s your friend? She is beautiful,” Leah whistled.

“She is, well, she was….she got taken on, got a work visa and me….well…..I had no job, no way to get a visa and as my money ran out I had to find something to do. I’m not here legally. So I became a whore. It’s not so bad. Renate looks out for me. And I keep any eye on things for her. Some of the girls would rob her blind. What about you?”

“I’m from New York, I’m a post grad at the university. I got a scholarship but, you know, there are always bills to pay, things to get and I figured that I could make some money this way, a couple days a week. Sleeping with guys for money I guessed wouldn’t be so bad. I mean I’m not actually into guys but I guess I make a good actress.”

She laughed.

“I am from the Ukraine. I am from a town in the south. You will never have head of it.”

“Try me. I may have done. Who knows?”

“Well my town is called Chernivtsy. It was an important town on Soviet times but it is……horrible, Most people live in blocks of flats that are absolutely falling apart. And the flats as so small…..  I have two sisters and we have to share one bedroom. It was horrible”

“I know your town. I have even been there.”

“You have? And why?”   Ludmila looked incredulous.

“I guess for family reasons?”


“My great grandmother came from there when it was called Czernowitz. She escaped in 1910 and came to New York on a big ship. So I just had to go once – just the once  – to see it for myself.”

“Are you Jewish?”

“Yup. Got a problem with that?”

“No. It’s just that my father always goes on about the Jews and”

“Honey we get blamed for every fucking thing. Don’t believe all you hear”

“We had a Jewish girl in my class at school and she was so beautiful. I so wanted to…”

“Wanted to what?”

“I’m into girls too. My first time was with Okhsana, and I wanted us to be lovers for ever but she has a boyfriend now/”

Ludmila went quiet and bowed her head.

“And you wanted to make out with the Jewish girl at school?”

Ludmila nodded.

“Wanna make out with this Jewish girl after we close?”

“I’d like that. I have got a double headed dildo and I have never used it yet. Can we? You are very beautiful. I think all Jewish girls are beautiful”

The bell rang and Ludmila ran to open the door. A thickset middle-aged man with a moustache walked in.

Ludmila clearly knew him and gave him a peck on the cheek  as if greeting an old friend.

“Rudi, I want you to meet my new friend, Exquisite Esther. She can give you a really nice time. And we are always looking out for new girls to make you happy aren’t we Rudichen?”     

Leah took Rudi to a room and before she could reel off her services and prices he had stripped and dropped to is knees before her.  

“My Lady” began Rudi in a Viennese accent “I have been a very naughty boy, I have been committing the sin of Onan.  “

Leah hesitated, unsure how to respond to this but Ludmila had been listening at the door and strode in.

“Fuck the floor!” she ordered with a firmness and confidence that surprised Leah. “Fuck it hard. I want to see carpet burns on your cock,”

“Jawohl” muttered Rudi and began to grind against the grubby carpet. When he stood up at Ludmila’s command there was a thin string of pre come hanging from the bellend. Bits of dirt from the floor adorned the purple.

“Please Miss, the gloves.”

Ludmila opened the top drawer of the bedside cabinet and took out a pair of black leather gloves.  She pulled them on, stretched them tight over the knuckle. At the sight of the gloved hand, held out for him to kiss, he became harder still.  

Ludmila took his cock in a gloved hand and worked the shaft. He was about to come, but Ludmila was going to keep him on the edge.

“Have you been a good little boy Rudi? Do you deserve to come?”

Rudi flashed a gormless smile and nodded.

“You come when I say and not before.”

Rudi smiled again. Ludmila pulled him twice more. He stiffened his body and groaned, his eyes shut, waiting for the release. But Ludmila twisted his cock fiercely in her left hand and slapped his balls hard with the right. Rudi cried out in pain, and bent double, his proud erection shrivelled away.

“See how cruel we need to be Esther? When Rudi has been a naughty boy he needs to be punished.”

She took off the gloves and handed them to Leah.

“I will go and put the kettle on and make us coffee. You can spank him. That’s how we finish him off.”

Leah pulled on the gloves. They were a tight fit but t was the tightness that filled her with a feeling of power and, for the first time she could remember, a heady rush of sadism. She pulled Rudi over her knee and spanked him until her arm ached, until his buttocks were red and bruised, until he yelled with pain before falling to the floor. He kissed her feet, muttered

“Danke Herrin danke” and staring weeping with happiness.  

When Rudi had gone and Ludmila had washed up the day’s coffee cups, she led Leah to the room where they had just humiliated Rudi to happiness and began to kiss her. Leah responded and they were soon rolling on the bed, grinding against each other.  It was only two years since Ludmila had made love to Okhsana in the tiny flat, far away in Chernivtsy, but she was now experienced. She slipped a finger into Leah’s cunt, felt the wetness. Leah felt her own nipples harden, felt her clit gorge and swell.  Ludmila slipped in  two more fingers, placed her thumb over Leah’s clit and brought her quickly to orgasm.

She rolled over, took two cigarettes from a packet he kept in the bedside cabinet, offered one to Leah.

“No thanks I don’t..”

“You do now. A lot of the men like to smell cigarettes on a girl’s breath. They like to think we are not nice girls.”

So they smoked in silence until Leah said

“Oh my God Ludmila, that was so fucking good.”

“It will get better. Come on”

She took Leah’s cigarette and stubbed it out together with her own.

She reached back into the drawer, took out the double headed dildo.  

“This will be fun.”

They kissed again, Ludmila pushed the dildo gently into Leah’s cunt rolled her over onto her back and moved on top, to find the position to insert he other end into herself. As she came down on  Leah and they touched Ludmila said,

“You never did tell me your real name.”

“It’s Rozalia” answered Leah, thinking of her Great Grandmother. “Rozalia Kluger.”

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  1. Just as good as I expected when you told me your outline idea. You convey the confusion & conflicition so well. I particularly enjoy the glimpses you’ve shared into the appeal of S&M – like the theme of the glove occurring again.

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