SoSS June Roundup

So into June and lockdown drags on, well sort of drags on given that a lot of people are fed up and unable to see why they should listen to the Government any more. Sticking to the rules is, it seems, for little people.  And some people, like me, have become nicely cocooned in our safe little bubble, with our comforting routines, and are in no particularly hurry to leave, even without sex. I have even started wondering whether I need sex with other people at all. I have just got off on writing about it, on conjuring up fantasies merged with memories, in varying degrees, (and all my stories are fictional even where the scenes or the characters have a base in reality.

I start off on a bright Sunday morning (actually the last Sunday in May) looking ahead to a walk in the North Worcestershire countryside, finishing at the tranquil churchyard where Led Zeppelin drummer John Bonham is buried.  As I do most Sundays I check out Sinful Sunday before breakfast. I enjoyed this from Molly.   And this by Missy. Pegs are indeed a most delightful torment, well they are for me anyway but then I ma not usually the one inflicting them.

I am not into age play in my kink life but I do like edgy fantasies, and this by Isabelle Lauren was edgy, and hot!

Automatic reminds me of cars I hate driving and a song by The Pointer Sisters that is catchy to the pint of being annoying. As of this month I will associate it with this sexy little tale by FDotleoonara  who I have had some lovely chats with at Eroticons past but who I haven’t seem for far too long. maybe 2021?

I mentioned in a previous post that I enjoy poetry. So I have again chosen a poem for this roundup. This time from Life of a Kinky Wife.

Exhibit A always writes thought-provokingly and this on sexuality was interesting.

This Girl wrote about sadism on the Marquis de Sade’s 280th birthday.

Ice is a thing for me. I do use it to torment people in kink play ad love it i my gin and tonics. It has other uses and I loved this cheeky allusion by Exposing 40 to its use in mainstream porn flicks to make the nipples stand out.

The prompt for Wicked Wednesday 419, for which I chose the Top Three was  Feminism. My choices were this by Deviant Succubus, this look at female empowerment from a femsub in Life of a Kinky Wife and this unusual and intriguing look at the prompt from Rantings of a Nonsensical Mind (although this all makes perfect sense to me)

I have never seen shopping like this  before and I really hope Modesty Ablaze found a couple of good bottles to drink to this picture!

There a couple of new memes and one of these is OneRainbowApart started ny Mx Nillin. There have been some great posts and this by Formidable Femme was so thought provoking.

There has a lot been said about transphobia in the sex blogging community and I shall day no more about this except to observe that the nastiest transphobes are outside our community. Anyone who saw the screen grab of a quite disgusting Facebook exchange including Sarah Ditum, Caroline Criado Perez and others mocking Paris Lees will know where I am coming from on this. These people sadly seem to have the ear of the UK government at the moment so we have cause to be worried.  But it is great to know that so many of you have our backs. One awesome person on on or side is Victoria Blisse who wrote this. .

I have mentioned my struggles with rope bondage before but I do enjoy a lot of the Tie Me Up Tuesday post and this from Life of a Kinky Wife was fun to read.

As was this intriguing little story by May More.

Pain as Pleasure was hiding in the reeds in this intriguing picture

As I have posted recently I love floggers. So does Sub Bee and I love this picture. Aemelia Hawk, who is a regular at fetish fairs makes great floggers. She is also a flogging artist. If you get the chance to see her demonstrating  florentining  don’t miss it. I have always believed in kink as art and this definitely is art.

And I will finish with buffalo cheese – really. I read recently that buffalo mozarella is being produced in the UK, using milk from a herd  of buffalo on a farm in Hampshire. The farm is owned by Jody Scheckter, former F1 driver. Here he is winning the 1979 Italian GP at Monza. This is a kind of crossover as, from next month, I will be finishing up my roundup with a little food porn. F1 is back, albeit behind closed doors, so I can get my petrolhead fix in other ways!

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