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So onto May and we have remained in lockdown. I have become completely used to it. I have my routine, I have my runs, I have my weekly Zoom chat with the Proud Baggies (and doesn’t football seem so long ago now!) and I have almost stopped missing the pub. As for sex, well that means solo sex for the foreseeable future although having to take a break from the ongoing whirl of life had given me valuable time to pause, reflect, and mine my memories. And I have had some amazing fantasies, some of which have made their way into stories on this blog.

Then there are the blogs I read. Here are links to some posts that I have particularly enjoyed. Until a few weeks ago when I heard the words PPE I thought of the Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree course at Oxford (the Health Secretary is a PPE graduate curiously enough) but now I associate it with the battle against COVID-19 and the scandalous lack of it (it is not as if viral pandemics are something unexpected – we didn’t know exactly when they would happen but knew that they WOULD happen, and a pandemic of a new RNA virus was being predicted back in 2018, so we should have been better prepared). As many of you will know,  The Other Livvy is a doctor in her other life, working on the COVID frontline, and she posted this for the first Sinful Sunday of the month.

I am currently working on a boarding school story with Posy Churchgate who actually went to boarding school and is teaching me a load of things about school life that I cauld never have guessed at (despite avidly reading the Jennings books by Anthony Buckeridge oh so many years ago). Her boarding school years figure in this reflection on one of her favourite songs (one of mine too) and what it means to her,

I was in London at the tailend of that eerie weekend that would have been the Eroticon  weekend. I ate in restaurants, went to pubs, hugged people. I didn’t get the virus which, as we now know,  was rampaging through London at that time. Others were not so lucky as Blue Submission describes here. .

Victoria Blisse was moved to write this during the lockdown.

Lockdown led to the cancellation of planned fun and frolics with a new lover. We have been messaging each other with tantalising hints of what we might do to each other when we do finally meet up. This is one reason why I enjoyed this by Kristan X

PornHub has been at the centre of controversy about the origin of much of its uploaded content. Girl on the Net uses allegory to explain what the problems with free content sites are.

One of the best things on Sinful Sunday this month was this from Floss Does Life

And yet more poetry- this is a really clever image – haiku on haiku

May More reflects on service here

The thought of being impaled on a fucking machine in a vicarage had enormous appeal, theoretical appeal that is! I have always backed away when presented with the opportunity. But maybe this story from Blue Submission will make me more eager to try next time.

I suppose I was expecting something to cast a spell on me when I saw the title Hexennacht and this piece of supernatural erotica by Lascivious Lucy was a slow burner, But slow burners are often the most satisfying aren’t they?

Most of us bloggers have pseudonyms and, in may cases, alternative selves who enrich our lives. They are actually as real as our legal vanilla selves, and help us to understand and accept who we are.  This, by Alethea Hunt,  really spoke to me.

Objectification and dehumanisation are kinks that I have only begun to get into in the last year or so. ML Slave Puppet shows here the power that a simple hood can have.

And as lockdown drags on I think of those, like me, who are enduring a sexual drought. Exposing 40  is keeping herself busy with her camera to remind herself that she is a sexual person while Starcross writes here about how he and his partner are managing their enforced separation against the background of knowing that their time together is anyway short. I really hope they are able to be together properly again.

It has been a while since I did any outdoor BDSM play. I really have the urge after seeing this really hot image from Honey. I love how the dirt on her feet adds rawness and immediacy to the image and I can just feel the twigs digging into her knees.

I am a qualified accountant in my other life and, many years ago, had to study statistics as part of my qualification. It was interesting to see Statistics as the Wicked Wednesday prompt.  I particularly enjoyed this.

On the subject of outdoor play I enjoyed a birching, well reading about one anyway!

In another life I am a published poet. So I always enjoy a bit of poetry as here by Floss

Meanwhile the boarding school story I am writing in collaboration with Posy Churchgate continues. Post has written Chapter Four which you can read here.

This, another post by ML Slave Puppet discusses  how the S in BDSM doesn’t stand for sex.

And this month’s petrolhead porn is the German Grand Prix of 1938  won by the Englishman Richard Seaman. Seaman is pretty much forgotten these days but in the late 1930s he was the best British racing driver and a member of the Mercedes team. This meant living in Nazi Germany at a time of rising international tension. He was married to  the daughter of the founder of BMW and the couple lived in a villa on the shore of Lake Starnberg near Munich.  This was an idyllic but doomed life as Seaman surely knew. He kept his own counsel on the political questions of the day but faced difficult personal choices should war break out. As it turned out these were choices he never had to make as he was killed in the Belgian Grand Prix at Spa in 1939. He was just 26. There is a new biography of him which I shall be reading during lockdown. And time for reading is one of the few benefits of house arrest.

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  1. I so love the way you do these. Feels like you’re telling a story somehow even though they are your thoughts. Thank you for the mentions yet again. You’re so kind

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