SoSS February edition

February is a grim month (the Polish word for it “luty”  actually means bleak) and I do need a bit of filth and good writing about sex and sexuality to keep me going.

I have never had children and my lifestyle is not something I have to hide from too many people but I have had some interesting  chats with 24/7 D/S couples at fet events.  So this by Submissy caught my eye.

February has been the month of the Photofest and I haven’t taken part in this, what with a holiday and thinking ahead to my Eroticon presentation but here a few things I enjoyed:

This by Jupiter Grant

And can cooked breakfasts ever be the same again after this by Exposing 40?

I was intrigued by this from Love is a Fetish. It has also given me an idea for a story so I may well be returning to it.

And May More has some amazing pics on her site. Like this

I was intrigued too by this from Focused and Filthy.  Washing someone can be a wonderfully inmate thing,  and a lovely way of getting to know their body, all of their body’ Watching someone wash and seeing how they interact with their body is, I think,  hot.

Sweet Girl reflects on love here

I have written about discovering my sexual self relatively late in life. I found this on Tabitha Raynes’s blog quite beautiful. It is never too late to discover yourself sexually.

One day a week I  work from home. One of the downsides of this (apart from the central hearing bill!) is the knock on the door from the Parcelforce man who has a parcel for the neighbours. This is a bit of a nuisance to be honest but if a parcel arrived looking like this  I might see things differently!

Mid month I took a little break from blogging, as well as reading blogs,  as I had a week away in Madeira (thoroughly recommended if you haven’t been)  and have been catching up since coming back. This was an unusual story about self-imposed chastity.

And what of car porn? Last Sunday I went to Race Retro at Stoneleigh and saw a race prepped Austin A35 in the flesh so to speak. So this month’s car porn is the humble Austin A35. Once upon a time I used to get a lift home from school in a green A35 and was always fascinated by the knob thingy on top of the dash that operated the indicators. Now the A35 wasn’t the quickest but……it used in standard form a 948cc version of the BMC A Series engine. And that engine is very very tuneable. The Speedwell firm got to work on it and souped up A35s were a common sight at saloon car races (and still are at classic events today). Here they are at Snetterton in 1958, one of them being driven by the great Graham Hill.  As swoon at that Speedwell head…




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