#SoSS St. Silvester Edition

My last post for Share Our Shit Saturday was on a Scottish theme so it seems appropriate to start this one in the same place. The first Masturbation Monday had this story by Deviant Succubus set in a Scottish castle (and with a very striking picture too!). We plan to go to Scotland in September 2020 for Smutathon and if the weekend is as good as this well…….

For a football fan and football writer I haven’t really written much smut involving football, just one story set in the dressing room at a women’s’ international, which I can’t find but will post a link to when I do. May More has written this which I enjoyed (even though  it didn’t mention the Baggies) Oh and shag pile carpets! Very 70s really but actually much much nicer than parquet, well better for sex anyway.

Once upon a time a singer whose name we no longer mention has a hit called Rock and Roll Parts One and Two. I enjoyed rather more The Guest Parts One and Two. And I have always had a thing about the soaked panties of female overs so this was definitely something I could relate to!

Sweet Girl’s stories really fail to delight. I enjoyed this little tale from Masturbation Monday on 9th December. In fact I am picking a few things by Sweet Girl as she writes with real insight,  this consideration of why control in the context of a D/S relationship is an illusion.

This story by Tabitha Rayne is about something I have touched on in my own writing, that sometimes you just can’t beat a hard, brutal fuck.

And then Tabitha again. Her soft Scottish voice is something I could listen to ever. And when she is reading filth like thisI just…wow!

I find myself in total agreement with Molly here on what makes a good pay event….and a bad one. It is a couple of years since I went to Aftermath at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) precisely because play is so difficult in its cramped, noisy environment. That and the lighting. Lighting needs, I think, to be a bit subdued but  not being able to see when you are packing your toys after play can lead to losing things. And I will say noting of the wannabe at a femdom event a couple of years ago who  borrowed a paddle without asking and left it looking like this.




To say that I was peeved is an understatement. In fact there are quite a few people on the kink scene who could usefully learn some manners.

The New Year is just hours way as I post this.  I am not actually a big fan of New Year’s resolutions and these so often fail even before the decorations come down. One way of keeping them is to share them with others who can provide a support network.  This  is why I love Violet Fawkes’ idea of Jumpstart January. I am up for this as I have enjoyed  a wonderful year and am feeling creative as never before.  I hope you will feel able to join us.

And finally a Christmas pic from The Other Livvy

And as for car porn. Some of you will have seen the recent film Le Mans ’66 (released as Ford v Ferrari in the US) in which the legendary Carroll Shelby is one of the characters. It was Shelby who came up with the idea of putting a 7 litre engine into an unremarkable British sports car called the AC Ace and produce an absolute brute of a car called the AC Cobra 427 (7 litres equating to 427 cubic inches) . Legend has it that it was the testing of a Cobra on the M1 near Luton one night in 1965, doing 180 mph (there was no speed limit on British motorways at the time) that led to the introduction of the 70 mph limit that we still have. Here it is.

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