An Issue of Consent

In the light of a number of recent events I have been meaning to write about consent. My thoughts on this topic atre still maturing but in the meantime I wsih to say this: The Polish politician Andrzej Lepper committed suicide in August 2011 as his party collapsed around him. Just four years earlier Samoobrona or Self Defence had been part of the governing coalition … Continue reading An Issue of Consent

In Mary’s Month

In the Catholic tradition May is Mary’s month, a month of devotions to the Blessed Virgin. Events I read about this week reminded me about a short story by the Polish writer Marek Hłasko.  Hłasko (1934-1969) was the enfant terrible of post-war Polish literature, not so much attacking sacred cows but rolling them in the dirt and making his relish clear.  He revelled in the … Continue reading In Mary’s Month