You Naughty Girl!

Gillian had been disappointed with her first clients since she had started work as a professional sub. The men who had claimed to be turned on by the idea of dominating women had turned out to be, well, useless, dominant neither in demeanour nor in behaviour. As for the CP, the cruel canings she enjoyed so much, well, it was best not to mention that. … Continue reading You Naughty Girl!

Going for a Curry

Never let it be said that the BDSM scene is not tolerant and broad-minded. It attracts such interesting people.  Mistress Helga appreciated her life in a multi-cultural society and was pleased to have chambers on the edge of Manchester’s most famous Asian area. She was fascinated too by the variety of men, occasionally women, who came to serve her. She particularly enjoyed the transformation she … Continue reading Going for a Curry

Fifty Shades of Ipswich

I don’t really want to say a lot about this and don’t know the facts of exactly what Steven Lock did to his partner, how much consent was involved and whether the case should have been brought. My concern is that the case does not become an excuse for the authorities to begin a  witch-hunt against people involved in consensual BDSM activities. We have been here … Continue reading Fifty Shades of Ipswich