Asserted Not Demonstrated

Once upon a time there was a university lecturer who scribbled AND in the margins of his students’ essays. This stood for ‘Asserted not Demonstrated’ and was a sign of the importance he attached to structure argument supported by facts, in other words to intellectual rigour. Last week Rhoda Grant MSP published the results of the consultation on her proposal to criminalise the purchase of … Continue reading Asserted Not Demonstrated

A Debate That Misses The Point

I reproduce below an exchange of e-mails I have had with Gavin Shuker MP, Chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution, which was behind the much criticised information gathering survey to which some of those reading this may have replied. It doesn’t give much confidence that the Group will be prepared  to listen to those who want to stop the criminalisation band wagon in its … Continue reading A Debate That Misses The Point

Sex Work Is Still Work!

I was going to write some more about this. There is a ‘survey’ currently being conducted on behalf of the All Party Parliamentary Group on Prostitution and the Global Sex Trade to which responses are required by next Monday (4th February). This is a deeply flawed exercise with loaded questions that make clear what the Committee’s agenda is, namely attempting to tackle demand by criminalising … Continue reading Sex Work Is Still Work!

Sex Work is ……………..Work

For my first post I’m not going to repeat a spot of by now familiar arguments, just say that  I hope that most of you reading this have replied to the consultation on Scotland’s proposed criminalisation of the purchase of sex. This is a bad law, framed by people who have a narrow understanding of the sex industry and probably think it should only be done in … Continue reading Sex Work is ……………..Work