A Sex Worker Set in Stone

This is a picture of the Puppet Theatre in the Polish city of Wroclaw. The fine neo-Baroque building was built in the 1890s when the city was called Breslau and belonged to Germany. It was originally built as a sort of Chamber of Commerce building and there is an interesting story behind the two stone figures who hold up the entrance portal. The left hand one … Continue reading A Sex Worker Set in Stone

Hoping that ToMorrow Never Comes

A look out of the window at the greyness that cloaked the Midlands today tells me that  time has moved on from last summer. Some things seem not to have changed. Unfortunately one of them is the quality of responses to consultations on proposals to criminalise the purchase of sex. Last summer it was Scotland, this time round it is Northern Ireland. I did blog … Continue reading Hoping that ToMorrow Never Comes

Long Ago in Czernowitz

Today it is called Chernivtsy and is in the Ukraine. One hundred years ago it was better known as Czernowitz, capital of the Crown Land of Bukovina in the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  Known as the Vienna of the East it had a thriving coffee house culture, public buildings in the familiar ochre known as ‘kaisergelb.’ It also had a large Jewish community, a large part of … Continue reading Long Ago in Czernowitz

Notes on Violence

Food that was cooked last week and reheated several times tends to be unappetising and may be bad for you. So it is with each new article written in support of the so-called Nordic Model which criminalises the clients of sex workers, who are sometimes referred to on this side of the Atlantic as ‘punters’ and never as ‘johns’. The striking number of articles originating … Continue reading Notes on Violence

Where Are The Women, All The Women?

A few weeks ago I posted this on the Whorephobia blog, talking briefly about the strange and disturbing story of how the SS, which had imprisoned sex workers as ‘asocials’ suddenly saw the benefit of paid sexual services and became pimp and trafficker. There was a response to this here. I set out below my comments on this response. Firstly it may be the case … Continue reading Where Are The Women, All The Women?

On Irish Independence

Well not quite. The Irish Independent newspaper carried an article yesterday about a campaign by a group called SPACE to have the Merseyside Model adopted in Ireland. You can read it here: http://www.independent.ie/irish-news/sex-trade-violence-law-change-urged-29420788.html You can also read two comments. These were not the only comments made. A number of people attempted to make comments pointing out the dishonesty and hypocrisy of the SPACE position but … Continue reading On Irish Independence

Thank You Rhoda Grant

So Rhoda Grant’s  misbegotten Bill to criminalise the clients of sex workers has died the death it deserved. No more do we need to get angry about her consultation with its loaded questions or her wilful misrepresentation of the responses to that consultation. It’s all history. She failed as she deserved to. With the benefit of hindsight we can see that her Bill was in … Continue reading Thank You Rhoda Grant