An Evening at Barbarella’s

When I started Sixth Form I bought a denim skirt and a pair of shiny black knee boots.  Unlike at the boys’ school next door, we girls of King Edgar’s High were allowed to wear our own clothes. And like my friends I was going to make the most of the opportunity. I was going to be the next best thing to a 16 year old … Continue reading An Evening at Barbarella’s

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

After lunch we returned to our cells and the heavy metal doors banged shut behind is. The hatch opened, and we were aware of eyes watching us as we lay on our bunks. “Everything OK ladies?” said a cheerful voice. “Yes Miss” said Mandy from the top bunk and the hatch closed, leaving us to yet another aimless Sunday afternoon. “Lazy Sunday afternoon” said Mandy … Continue reading Lazy Sunday Afternoon