August Roundup

The 2nd August dawned like the first day of autumn with that melancholy end of summer light, bright but somehow not warming. We still have a complete Test series against India to come while the County Championship is on hold while artificial teams spend the main holiday month playing an artificial competition called The Hundred. Cricket designed by management consultants rather than by people who … Continue reading August Roundup

I Can Check Out Any Time But…..

“Hotel rooms inhabit a separate moral universe.” – Tom Stoppard I have broken a mirror in a hotel room, the consequence of a hard, brutal fuck on a table. I have checked out of a hotel after two hours leaving the white bed sheets covered in chocolate after playing with a Cadbury’s Flake. I have conducted affairs in hotel rooms, I have met strangers for … Continue reading I Can Check Out Any Time But…..

July Roundup

So we had football and England’s fabulous performance in the European Championship, we had tennis, we had a kind of normality that really wasn’t. We also had a Government that. having spent a year and a half scaring everyone silly aboit the virus suddenly decided to scrap all restrictions and, seemingly, all sensible public heath measures, and let everyone get on with it. All this … Continue reading July Roundup

City of Whores -Part Three

Read the previous instalment here Part Three – Leah Chernivtsy formerly Czernowitz Ukraine – 2010 By the time their tourist party had reached Przemysl, on the sleeper train, Leah was tired, and starting to feel that sense of loneliness and depression that can overwhelm solitary travellers.  Not that she was the only single in the group but, despite her six months of study at the … Continue reading City of Whores -Part Three

June Roundup

We are now halfway through 2021 at the time of posting this and, despite the successful vaccination programme, a return to full normality seems some way off. I am sure I am not the only one to find this extremely dispiriting and equally sure that I am not the only one caught between wanting it all to end and feeling anxiety about the opening up, … Continue reading June Roundup

City of Whores – Part Two

This is the second part of a four part story. Read Part One here Part Two – Okhsana Chernivtsy, (formerly Czernowitz) Ukraine – 2010 When Okhsana turned 16 she made herself a promise, that she would celebrate her 18th birthday far from this grubby post-Soviet backwater.  She was already tall for her age, she was athletic, start of a local girls’ volleyball team, she had long … Continue reading City of Whores – Part Two

City of Whores – Part One

ROZALIA Czernowitz – Austria-Hungary 1910 Oberkriminalrat Rudolf Krenek hated Czernowitz even more than he hated whores,the ones he controlled as much as the ones who worked for other pimps, the ones he hararassed and arrested when bribes were not paid on time. There were plenty of whores in the city, plenty of girls who were lured away by promises of glamorous work and easy money in Ottoman Istanbul … Continue reading City of Whores – Part One