He told me had once been a dom. I already knew that and knew he hadn’t been the kind. Loving dom my friend Anna had needed. He had rather been a domineering arsehole, on a power kick. But, when I first met him, I sensed that, behind his cartoon like dom persona, lurked submissiveness, a submissiveness that he was trying so hard to deny. We met often at clubs after that first encounter. One day, as we chatted by the bar, I said,

“Kneel and press your nose against the floor.”

He complied without question.  Later, we played. I strapped him to the bench and abused him with a variety of implements. I finished with the cane which he found a real struggle, but which left the most satisfying red tram lines on his buttocks.

After that I decided to make him my sissy. I bought a pink satin dress, quite short so that I would have easy access to his cock (and what a magnificent cock he had), white lace gloves, a little bag, a blond wig, and pink plastic boots. I dressed him up, applied make up, pulled the long blonde wig over his thinning grey hair.

I forced him to look at himself in the mirror. He found this even harder than the cane, bowed his head in shame.   

I turned the tables on him. I felt the bulge of his cock inside his pink panties, felt the damp patch of pre-come spreading out and darkening the slick satin.

“Tale me over your knee Sissy Davina and spank me.”

“Spank you Ma’am?”

“I am a dirty little slag. I need to be punished.”

“I am not sure….”

“Then be sure. You will spank me, face fuck me and come all over my tits.  You will make me feel soiled and used.”

Sissy Davina said nothing, avoiding eye contact.

“And if you don’t do as I say, you will get to know my strap even better than you do now.”

“Yes Ma’am”

I slapped his face hard.

“Don’t call me Ma’am.”

She rubbed her face, thought for a moment then slapped me back catching me by surprise. I fell back onto the bed.

She climbed on top of me and ,as she did so, her cock slipped out of the side of her satin knickers.   It was rock hard and the end, glistened, purple and angry.

“Over my knee now you whore” she shouted and pulled my hair. I was by now wet and needy. I pulled down my knickers and lay across the soft folds of lace and satin. I cried out as the first blow of the shovel like male hand landed.

“Hurts doesn’t it slag? There’s fifty more to come.”

“Please no, I didn’t mean…”

“Shut up!”

“Yes sir”

She grabbed my hair and twisted my head round so that I was looking into her face”

“Don’t ever misgender me again!”

She spat in my face and I felt her spittle dribbling down my chin.

“Kneel up on the bed you whore and let me fuck you”

I did as I was told and after hearing the slap of latex gloves being pulled over her hand, I felt the cold surge of lube on fingers being pushed up my bottom.

“I have such a huge lady cock and I am going to fuck you hard, fuck you until you split in two.”

“No strapon then?”

She laughed and waved a Durex packet before my eyes.

“I am big. Bigger than I want to be as a girl. But big. And I don’t need a fucking dildo to violate you!”!”

I knelt back down. Supporting myself on my elbows, waiting for the push around my hole, before her cock slid in.

It was all over quickly. Three hard thrusts and she came. She withdrew and wanked briskly to completion, coming over my bum cheeks. The come trickled warmly down the back of my thighs.

She pulled my hair and turned me brusquely over. I felt lube and her come dampening the bed sheet. She spat in my face again.

“Play with yourself”

I complied as she stood before me, in her pink outfit, her hands in white lace serving gloves, her legs in light pink knee boots. Before I came I decided I had to act.  

“Kneel!” I commanded, and she complied, no doubt relieved to be free of the burden of topping.

I made myself hard and pushed my cock deep into her mouth. I face fucked her swiftly and brutally> after I came, she was gagging and coughing, come dribbling down her chin. I raised a foot and dug a stiletto thigh boot heel into her chest.  

“Lick! And when you’ve finished, there’s a bathroom to clean.”

“Yes Ma’am “. She licked hard and enthusiastically and when she had finished I led her to the bathroom. She bent over the rim of the toilet, and I thrust her head down towards the water. She was breathing heavily. I felt her quiver with fear.

“Lick until it’s spotless.”

As she licked away, I put on the harness, selected a medium sized dildo. Now it was time for my fun.

Well, that’s the fantasy anyway. I  keep thinking about his big cock bulging with promise inside his pink panties and I know I am going to enjoy using him. Roll on Saturday. I turn out the light, slide a hand inside my pyjama bottoms.  I’m going to start enjoying him now.   


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