I haven’t done a roundup for a while but it really is time to get back to it, not least because it makes me get out there reading other blogs. So here we go, a brief one this month, while I get up to speed.

January is jumpstart month and I was really happy to see Floss taking part. She has been one of the best writes I follow in the last few years and, later, a change of direction, now h s a new blog entitled Following Floss. I enjoyed this post on body counts and bullshit.

February is the month of the Photofest, which, yet again, I didn’t take part in.  But there are so many better photographers than me out there. Take Exposing 40 for example. I loved this, particularly the way E40 blends in with the trunk almost as if it was an extension of her.   

I have blogged this month about my own love of the vulva for Kink of the Week and loved this love letter to her cunt by Molly

This was an unusual image from The Barefoot Sub

On other matters Gillian Anderson of X Files fame has started  a project to produce a book, bringing Nancy Friday’s 1973 book My Secret Garden into the 21st century. This has, of course already been done, by Emily Dubberley 10 years ago but there are other concerns about it, and these are set out by Girl on the Net here and Anna Sansom here

And, finally music. 1973 was a really good year for me so I am going to feature a song from each month to celebrate the 50th anniversary. Here from January 1973 is Blockbuster by The Sweet

and from February Sylvia by Focus

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