I was reminded by this by the previous prompt, Other People’s Orgasms. For it was in discovering the true delights of a lover’s vulva that I also learnt that I too have a kink (if you can call it that) for pleasuring other people without expecting anything back. Actually I do get something back, I get the joy of having been allowed to make them come, of serving. Because it is service for me. With male lovers I expect them to work hard to pleasure me, but I feel a deep need to serve my female lovers, even to worship them. I think that, deep down, t I am still essentially submissive to women even as I delight in dominating men. .  

N was my first sexually assertive female lover. It was N who asked me to go down on her and, when I hesitated, pushed me head into her mound and ordered me to lick. I did and as I licked, as I felt her wiry pubic hair against my face, as I took in the unfamiliar smells, as I lapped at her opening and tasted her juices, I knew that I wanted more. The next time she held my head down, pushed my face in so that I cold hardy breathe then allowed me to surface for air. As I inhaled deeply I studied the folds, the ripples of skin, fes, took in the beauty I had never before appreciated. I had so much to learn.  

For me the vulva is simply the most beautiful thing on Goddess’ earth. A flower, yet not a flower, a promise yet not a promise, a mystery that it would take a lifetime to unlock but without really wanting to. For the mystery is what enchants me. Talking to friends I am struck at the umber of them whose male partners show no interest in pleasuring them with tongue or fingers, how many of them would like to be pleasured in that way but don’t feel able to ask. How many of them silently regret that their men show no interest in getting to know their vulva and see its beauty. The idea that if it’s not PiV, it’s not really sex is still pervasive. Pervasive too, even as we approach the end of the first quarter of the 21st century, is the idea that oral sex is dirty.   

As for me, it has been a while since I had a female lover. I have loved to bits the men I have slept with, I adore having my mouth full of cock, the warm salty ejaculation slipping down my throat as I swallow. But the vulva is something special. It is nature’s gift to my lover. It is her gift to me.   

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  1. Thanks for joining in with this. I totally agree about PIV and how it is still seen as ‘what sex is’ when in fact there is so much more wonderful delights to enjoy


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