I love my female friendships, I do. I love that I can share and that my girlfriends want to share with me. I think I am quite a complex person, difficult even, certainly often troubled, and I love that I have women in my life who care about me and are ready ti listen and, sometimes, offer sensible advice. I could not live without them.

Maybe it’s my complexity that attracts people to me, I don’t know. I do, however, love the idea that there are women who think I can make some contribution to their lives. Now, suddenly I have found myself in another girl gang. It’s a fun gang too.

This started four years ago when Helen* suggested we go out for a drink. Over a bottle of prosecco we clicked and felt able to talk about intimate things, well, sex and she did tell me a couple of stories I need to use in my smut at some point. It was a lovely evening and we decided to do it again. Then life intervened. Helen was married and a mother of teenagers, I was busy too in other ways, and then Covid came. We saw each other only fleetingly, chance encounters when we were out and about, brief socially distanced conversations on the pavement.

“We must have another prosecco evening when this is all over”

“We must.”

I wonder whether either of us really thought we ever would.

And now it has. Not just Helen but Anna* and Susie* as well.

I had met Anna and Susie before but really knew nothing about them. I found out things about Helen too. She has recently split with her husband. So has Anna while Susie has been divorced for some time. Three single women in their 40s, disillusioned after marriages that had become stale and sexless and keen to explore the sexual possibilities of single life. .

Over beer and prosecco and delicious street food we talked threesomes, we talked the specific joys of making out with women, we talked about kink (one of them is really keen to explore this) and I talked a bit about my blogging and my experiences.  I knew from the start that this was something about me hat fascinated them.

Can they learn from me? Yes, I am sure they can. But I know that I can learn much more from them. My writing is a wonderful journey of discovery and conversations like this are part of my exploration. I am so grateful that I have friends I can have these conversations with.

I have given a lot of thought before to why so many people are sexually unfulfilled and have thought about it again since Friday. My friends are smart, they are funny, they are sexy. I hope they find what they are looking for. And if I can give them a few pointers on the way I will be more than happy.  

We have more adventures planned. We are off to London in a few weeks, for champagne and a visit to the Vagina Museum and Sh! There are worlds to explore and I am looking forward to exploring with them.             


  1. I remember you talking about these ladies when we met up recently, and they sound warm, and interesting and I detected an intriguing dynamic there. I am so glad your friendship with them is blossoming, you will all benefit from the interaction, as I benefit from our exchange of ideas and opinions. Here’s to fun days out and expanding our horizons.

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