I now only work 3 days a week which means I should have more time to do what I love most, namely blogging (or should I say doing the things I blog about). But since the end of lockdowns and restrictions my posts her have become intermittent. This is not the first time. I began the blog at the end of 2012 at a time when I was making a living of sorts as a freelance writer and, with plenty of time. and fired by newly discovered interests and issues, notably the struggle for sex workers rights and the fights against the so-called Nordic Model (personified at the time by Rhoda Grant MSP), I blogged prolifically through 2013. I made a whole load of new contacts and learnt so much. And that was even before I attended my first Eroticon , in Bristol in March 2014.

Eroticon was totally inspiring and I met some amazing people, one or two are treasured friends to this day (Master’s Eye take a bow). Unfortunately this didn’t lead to a lot of blogging as I returned to full time work and had little time. So, for the next five years I blogged occasionally although I did take part in Smutathon which launched in 2017 and gave me something to focus on.

My return to regular blogging came in 2020 as the pandemic and the associated restrictions closed our horizons. Reading and writing became essential elements of my life, a refuge from the prevailing fear and grimness, a much needed means of preserving my mental health.

I had a good 2020 and wrote lots of stories and opinion pieces and this continued into 2021. I had ideas from my reading, and there was plenty going on that I needed to comment on. There was the Groundhog Day inevitability of yet another politician making evidence free claims in support of the Nordic Model. There were the trans wars which, sadly, spilled over into the sex blogging community in April 2020, splitting it into two, seemingly irreparably. Beyond the sex blogging community, of course, the trans wars continue and the toxicity shows no sin of abating.

Since October my blogging has tailed off again, this time because I made the possibly mad decision to return to academic study, and a Masters in Central and Eastern European History at University College London.

I am enjoying this immensely. It is intellectually stimulating and working with a bunch of bright and motivated young people has been a pleasure. An additional pleasure was being able to choose a module from outside the History syllabus which has meant that I spent the Spring term doing sexuality studies. I have recently finished an essay on the regulation of adult content in the UK, the writing of which took me back to the days of Bristol Eroticons where we heard from Myles Jackman and Pandora Blake on the battles with ATVOD over face sitting and squirting. I have also been able to link up with other queer students and academics in the QUCL network and attend a couple of their events. There has been so much to learn and discover and, as I advance in years, this is a genuinely joyful and life enhancing experience.

For now, exams and assessments are over and I am back to blogging. I will be doing my monthly roundups again, sharing things I find particularly enjoyable and interesting. I also have a couple of stories forming in my head. I hope you enjoy reading my posts. Thank you for bearing with me. It’s good to be back.   

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