November Roundup

November was, as ever, gloomy and my mood seemed to match that for much of the month. One bright spot is my Masters course, which is proving to be every bit as intellectually stimulating as I hoped it would be.

So, the big thing was Smutathon, with some fabulous posts as ever. I am not going to highlight specific posts here. It is well worth you reading the lot (and donating if you can). Find them here

Kink of the Week for the first half of the month was Gang Bangs and this post by Floss was brilliant. I really don’t know why she hasn’t featured more often in my roundups as her blog is one of the very best. She has written about changes in her own life, and interestingly about her kink life.

Icing? I like icing and this post by Sub Bee is one of the most startlingly original things I have seen on a blog for a log time.

This post from the SWARM website about the nonsense that is the sex trafficking identification toolkit is a must read for anyone interested in proper strategies to make sex workers safe. Spoiler alert – moral panics and the stereotyping of migrant sex workers are not among them.

Sinful Sunday is a meme that has constantly inspired people to post quirky and amusing pics – like this by Happy Come Lucky

This meditation on death and bereavement by Posy Churchgate was beautiful. Also, a reminder, if a reminder were ever needed, that good smut writers can write well on any subject. On a lighter note, it was so lovely to meet up with Posy for the first time in ages and have a day out of champagne, bags and Nepalese curry. Having got back to a reasonably normal life and started meeting up with friends again I am dreading the thought that the new Omicron variant could be pushing us back into restrictions. I coped pretty well between March 2020 and this spring. I am not sure I will cope if we move back into restrictions and lockdowns. I know I am not the only one.

It’s been a while since I featured the brilliant Kayla Lords and I enjoyed this consideration of kinks that do nothing for her.

And as for music. This month it has to be something from Led Zeppelin IV released on 8th November 1971. I used to think that the flats on the sleeve were Eve Hill flats in Dudley, not far from where I used to live, but am now not so sure. An alternative possibility is Ladywood in Birmingham, which, coincidentally, is not far from where I live now. Enjoy Stairway to Heaven.

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