October Roundup

After a month off, sorting out my life I am back. No petrol, empty shelves in the shops (ain’t Brexit fab) but lots of really interesting content to read.

The prompt for the first Sinful Sunday of the month was the letter L and thee were some great pics. As a boot loving girl I couldn’t resist picking this by Vanilla Free Sex. And yes a good pair of boots do make a girl feel dominant and badass

And this fantastic shot of intertwined legs mid-fuck by Exposing 40

I enjoyed this story by May More – I love to give a good flogging too!

I always like to include posts by This Girl as she was one of the bloggers I followed, long before I discovered Eroticon and the lovely bogging folk I am now proud to call friends. This post was moving an thought provoking. Truly, in the midst of life we are in death.

Containers, or rather backlogs of containers at ports, have been in the news recently which gave an oddly topical twist to this Sinful Sunday post by Sub Bee.

I have to admit that I haven’t watched the Great British Bake Off for a while, for one thing it’s on a Tuesday evening these days so clashes with running training. But who needs the bake off when there are stories like this by Marsha Adams.

And music. I have been listening regularly to Sequins to Suburbs 70s on internet radio since the start of lockdown and found a lovely online community of like minded people who have helped to keep me sane at times. Every show has a featured album chosen by a listener and mine was featured on 31st October. I chose the second Only Ones album and here is a track from it. The Only Ones featured in a story on this blog a couple of years ago which you can read here,

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