June Roundup

We are now halfway through 2021 at the time of posting this and, despite the successful vaccination programme, a return to full normality seems some way off. I am sure I am not the only one to find this extremely dispiriting and equally sure that I am not the only one caught between wanting it all to end and feeling anxiety about the opening up, about meeting again friends I may not have seen for many months. But at least June was Pride Month and the month of the football Euro and that meant some IRL meetups with fellow Proud Baggies to watch some of the games.

And talking of Pride I loved this triptych by Honey for the first Sinful Sunday of the month.

And this post by Molly. What can say?

This description of fellatio by Adult Exploration was most thought provoking

Which leads onto this by Morag and the difficult choice of where a girl wants her bloke’s come. This was one of the hottest things I have read for a while. And, yes, I did have tp take a short break!

As a lover of classic cars I couldn’t not include this cheeky pic by the Barefoot Sub

I guess any of us are feeling a general sense of ennui as the [pandemic drags on and can certainly relate to the feelings May More describes here

It’s been a while since I included a post by Kayla Lords so this is log overdue. She interviews her partner John Brownstone about male masturbation and stigma, and also looks at a sex toy aimed at penis owners.

And this kind of segues nicely into Molly’s musings on her clit.

Sadly the war on transgender people, led by fanatics and cheerled by newspaper columnists who should know better, continues. There are two pieces I want to link to here. This about the links between the transphobes and the far right and this very thoughtful piece by a woman who lost her husband in tragic circumstances addressed to those who are too quick to use the loaded term “trans widows” . I am not sure I can link to it here but Franki Cookney’s newsletter is well worth subscribing to and her piece in the week commencing 21st June on gender issues was brilliant.

I have recently begun following Morag’s blog and have linked to a couple of her posts in previous roundups. So I was delighted to see her interviewed by Posy Churchgate in Posy’s regular feature. Read the interview here.

And music for June. Two years ago I wrote a story set around an Only Ones gig in Birmingham in 1978. I have always liked the Only Ones, one of the bands that were not really punk bands but rode the New Wave to come to prominence. The band members were a bit older than the punks and went back quite a long way. Drummer Mike Kellie was from Birmingham and had been on the Birmingham music scene in the mid 60s and later played in Spooky Tooth. Lead singer Peter Perrett is the brother in law of Harry Kakoulli, once of Squeeze whose sister, the late Koulla Kakoulli ran the Brighton Dungeon under her pro domme name of Mistress Dometria. This is their most famous song from the first album.

3 thoughts on “June Roundup

  1. Thanks Eve, great round up, you cover such a wide spectrum, there’s always some stuff highlighted that I’m glad you signpost me towards.

    Must send you an Only Ones related pic you might be interested in. xx

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