Remembering The Rollers

On Easter Monday I went walking in The Stiperstones, lonely rugged hills in the west of Shropshire, not far from the Welsh border. Birmingham, only 50 miles away to the east, could be in another universe, it is so quiet and remote here. The Horseshoe Inn, currently closed and up for sale, is in a wonderful location, its beer garden on the banks of the gurgling waters of the East Onny River. This is just a wonderful place.

And I thought about the first time I ever came here, in 1975 for a school weekend away. We stayed in the youth hostel at Bridges, walked in the hills, had fun even though we didn’t go to the pub! And as our coach meandered down narrow lanes on the way there the number one record of the time played on the radio. This was BYe Bye baby by THe Bay City Rollers. Ever since this song makes me think of Bridges and the Stiperstones. And it is a sad irony that my first visit to the area in many years came just three weeks before the sudden death of the band’s lead singer Les McKeown. I know I am not the only one who felt that a part of their childhood died last week.

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2 thoughts on “Remembering The Rollers

  1. I can just imagine the setting and it sounds so blissful. I love how certain songs can transport us to a special place. I’m sorry to read that the lead singer passed away, seems to be happening more and more as of late.

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