Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 17

The story continues. Read about how Delphine and Belinda made an unauthorised trip to London in Chapter 16 by Posy here

“You are really going to have to learn to curtsy properly Trudy.”

I walked round her as she stood on the carpet before my desk shaking with nerves, and adjusted her dress, her frilly apron. I ran my fingers over her chin.

“You are going to have to learn to shave properly too. That male beard is far too visible, and your chin juts too much. You have to be more feminine. It is very important that you pass. I am taking a big risk for you. If it became publicly known that the senior mistresses’ maid was a transvestite male, my position as Headmistress would be untenable would it not?”

“Yes Miss Ranson.” replied Trudy and curtsied again.

“Your loyalty is to me, and only me.”

“Yes Miss Ranson.”

“The girls have been summoned to see me on Thursday at 2 o’clock precisely. I thought it best to delay their reckoning for a few days. That way, their fear and apprehension are immeasurably increased. I will have my sport with them. And you are to assist me. Now run along and clean my bathroom.”

“Yes Miss Ranson” said Trudy and left through the door that led to my small flat.  

I left through the door that led to the school. I smiled. I was going to enjoy my rounds today.  

On Thursday at 2 o’clock the girls walked into my study.  They stood, heads bowed, blushing furiously. I watched them, saying nothing, like a big cat circling its prey.

“Where did you go?” I asked.

“We went to Guildford Miss, we “

“And what did you do in Guildford.”  

“Miss, we went for a walk, we went to some shops and we went to a tea room.”

“And what is the name of this tea room?”

“Miss, it is Alice’s Tea Room and Cake Emporium on the …”

“On which street”

“It is the High street Miss”

“Very good.”

I reached into a desk drawer and took out the telephone directory. I handed it to Coningsby-Firth.

“Find me the telephone number. I wish to telephone them to confirm your story.”

The girl blushed even more and I noticed her lower lip trembling. She began to leaf though the book, starting at the back.

“I think you will find, girl, that Alice’s is at the front of the book, under letter A”

Coningsby-Firth shut the book, took a deep breath and opened it at the front, leafed through the pages very slowly. Like a fish wriggling on the line I thought, and a most satisfying sight.  

“Hurry up girl”

“Miss, it’s not there. They don’t have a telephone. I remember the lady mentioning it to another customer.”

“Do they not? How very convenient for you both. There might, of course, be another reason why Alice’s Tea Room is not in the telephone directory might there not?”

The two girls stood silently, no doubt wishing he ground would open up and swallow them. There would, however, be no quick end to their torment.   

“The reason is that Alice’s Tea Room does not exist. Is that not so?”

“Yes Miss.”

They bowed their heads again. Tears started to roll down Coningsby-Firth’s cheeks.  

“So you told me a lie. And what further lies did you tell?”  

“No more lies, Miss. We did go to a tea room but it was.”

“Lies! Wicked lies”.

I stood up and walked round to the girls. I gripped Lotbiniere’s ponytail firmly and pulled her head back.   

“Where did you go?”

“To Guildford Madame”

“In that case why did the stationmaster at Hernmere railway station tell me that he sold you tickets to London?”

“We didn’t buy tickets Madame”

“It will be better for you both if you tell the truth. What is the punishment for liars?”

“Mouthsoaping Miss” answered Coningsby-Firth quietly, quivering with fear.

“I don’t need to ask what you were doing in London as I have a witness.”

“A witness Miss?”

“Trudy come in!”

The door from my flat opened and Trudy walked in, carrying a bar of soap on a plate ad a knife.

The girls both gasped and Coningsby-Firth dropped to her knees sobbing.

“Please Miss Ranson, I will tell you the truth, I will tell you everything, it was Lotbiniere’s idea it was…”

Lotbiniere flashed her a look of contempt.  

“I am not afraid of you, I know all about you and I know where the documents are.”

“Permission to speak Ma’am” interjected Trudy

“Speak Trudy.”

“Ma’am they thought they had some information about you and Miss Spencer-Harrington’s business. I took them to the brothel but I gave them nothing of value.”

“But I have other documents” said Lotbiniere.  “I know that you have been stealing money from the school to pay for the services of that putain.”    

“How dare you use that word about Miss Spencer-Harrington! She is a better person than you will ever be. “

“Pute!” repeated Lotbiniere, almost spitting the word out.

Trudy moved towards her and shaped to slap her face. I grabbed her wrist and held it fast.

“Trudy, I decide when and how to punish the girls. Know your place”

“Sorry Ma’am” said Trudy and curtseyed.

I seized Lotbiniere by the ear and twisted it. She cried out in pain.  

“So, tell me where you have the documents.”

“No! I will never tell you, you pervert, you..”

I put a hand over her mouth.   

“That is enough from you young lady. Trudy, prepare the soap. ”

Trudy took the knife and cut the soap into slices. I took the plate and went up to Coningsby-Firth.

“Take a slice and eat it.”

She began to cry.

“Please Miss no.please”

“Very well. You will go and you will write a full account of your trip to London. I want every detail.”

“Yes Miss.”

“And I require 200 lines. ‘Through truth and obedience I will become a better person.’ By 2 o’clock tomorrow. Otherwise you will have your mendacious mouth cleansed for fourteen days. Is that clear?”

“Yes Miss.”

“Good. Now run along.”

When she had gone I turned to the French girl.

“You friend has abandoned you. I think you will find that, from now on, she will be as docile and obedient as a puppy dog. She will tell me all I need to know about your perversions and duplicity.”

Lotbinire said nothing.

“Next week we have a special day do we not?”

“Do we Miss?”

“Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second will be crowned Queen of our glorious nation, Queen of our wonderful Empire and dominions and we at St. Faith’s will be celebrating this. And you, young lady, will play a leading role in the celebrations”

“I will not!”

“You will! Trudy, fetch the dress!”

Lotbiniere started as she saw the knee length Union Jack dress.

“You will wear this. And you will lead the school in the singing of our glorious National Anthem God Save the Queen.”

I smiled.

“I will not!”

“If you don’t you will suffer exemplary punishment.”


“The girls call you Bin I believe?”

“Yes Miss.”

“You will lose the whole holiday on the day after Coronation Day and you will stay in school performing menial chores under the supervision of Trudy. Specifically, you will be emptying out the bins, and the kitchen bins are, I hardly need add, heavy and dirty and stinking. You will be bin of the bins.”

I couldn’t resist a chuckle at my evil wit. When Lotbiniere flashed me a look of pure hatred I knew I was winning. I also knew that, regardless of her behaviour on Coronation Day, she would be doing the bins the following day.

“Trudy, take her away and wash her mouth out. If she has to learn to tell the truth and show respect the hard way, then so be it.”

She fought had but Trudy was too strong for her. She took Lotbiniere to my bathroom to administer the soaping. I sat at my desk and, as I heard her cries, I felt waves of pleasure rolling through me. If only there were more girls at the school as defiant as Delphine de Lotbiniere.

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  1. Totally loved it, as you knew I would. Well the gauntlet is thrown down and I must take it up to tell what happens next … be warned, my Delphine is unlikely to roll over and be compliant any time soon!

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