February Roundup

February. Bloody February. Another month in lockdown. Another month where friends were just images on screens, another month of lies, evasions, another month when the utter disaster of Brexit was laid bare, and most people didn’t seem to care. But also the month of Photo Fest and there are a few pics I want to iclide here.

Like this by Jayne Renault on the Smutathon site. Or this by Floss who celebrates her pregnant body so wonderfully.

May More has been running a meme on the subject of money and I could totally relate to this post, especially the bit about the wonderful things to be found in charity shops.

I actually prefer tea to coffee in the morning and so does the Artful Muse. Never actually had tea with cuffs though!

I enjoyed this guest post on Stella Kink.

Kink of the Week in the first part of the month was about hoods. These are a kink I have never really got into but maybe I need to? I loved this by Sub Bee who talks about how the dehumanising aspect leads to rougher treatment (which for Sub Bee is a definite bonus!)

And February Photo Fest was awesome throughout the month. I make no apology for plugging the contributions of fellow Smutathon committee members. I really liked this by Quinn Rhodes

Kink of the Week for the second half of the month was Pain. I enjoyed this by Focused and Filthy

Posy Churchgate posted the latest chapter in our collaboration about Delphine’s Schooldays which is now building nicely to a climax (pun intended!)

And finally my music for the month. The mid 1970s were a strange period between glam rock an the arrival of punk, There were two groups whose sound stood out with its startling originality at that time. There was Sparks, of whom more in a future month, and there was Steve Harley and Cockney Rebel. I will never forget the first time I heard this.

3 thoughts on “February Roundup

  1. Marvellous choice of music – I think that track by Cockney Rebel was great at the time and has stood the test of time. Spark both looked and sounded fascinating, I heard them talk about their new music last summer, still coming up with fresh ideas. Thanks for mentioning my part in the Delphine series.

  2. Thanks for including one of the Lunch Date guest posts in your roundup. I am glad others are enjoying them and I hope it gives Karen the confidence to write/post more.
    Now I need to check out all the other posts you’ve included. 🙂

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