Jenny Was Sweet, or Three Cars and Three Songs

Three cars, three songs. And they go like this  

I have owned ten cars. My favourite 3 are the sporty ones. Firstly a Mark Two Ford Cortina 1600E which I bought in 1985. It was gold with a black interior, Rostyle wheels and a sporty steering wheel. It had good midrange acceleration, was fun to drive and it looked the part. I loved that car. The first day I had it I drove and drove. I was out in Shropshire burning up the A458 between Much Wenlock and Shrewsbury when She Sells Sanctuary by The Cult came on the radio. This remains a favourite driving song and takes me back to that day.

Sadly in 1987 the MoT man shook his head and said “Sorry love but……”. My beloved Cortina had a terminal case of tin worm. So I sold it to a local enthusiast for £100, was nice t the bank manager and took out a loan to buy an MG Metro Turbo.  And the song for this car is Suffragette City by David Bowie. This was on a cassette tape (remember when cars had radio/cassette players?) and I first heard it in the car one rainy night as I was driving through the Black Country, eyeing up the turbo boost gauge, trying to get the hang of the turbo lag, that thing where you put your foot down and nothing seems to happen for several seconds and then you think you are going to take off. I cold never tire of driving to Suffragette City.   

After years of driving boring cars I have a fun car again, a red Abarth 595. This is turbo charged too. In many ways it feels crude, and the ride is unbelievably harsh, but It is genuinely fast (especially in Sport mode) and just total fun. And that exhaust note……..and my song for this car is Drivers Seat by Sniff and The Tears. No idea why, it just is and it is a great driving song.

“Jenny was sweet
She always smiled for the people she’d meet
On trouble and strife
She had another way of looking at life”

I sing, I floor the accelerator, release my inner hooligan and life is better. Maybe Jenny is my alter ego?

I didn’t have sex in any of these cars but my favourite heroine Claire (in my as yet unpublished novella) had plenty of sex in her Mark Two Ford Zodiac . Or even on the Zodiac. Here is an extract

“Claire pulled him close and kissed him. Then she made him bend over and spanked him hard with the grey leather driving gloves then held him over the vast bonnet of the Zodiac  to let the vibrations of the engine make him harder still. She thrust her gloved hand underneath him and played with him until he starting uttering gasps of pleasure. Then she slipped off her coat to revel the stained and greasy polka dot dress in which she had first been fucked by him. 

‘Remember this?’

Martin nodded and smiled. Claire climbed onto the bonnet and laid herself on it, legs apart. She could feel the warmth and throb in her back. Now, she thought, for some warmth and throb up front. Martin was now sufficiently experienced to know what was required. He climbed on top of her and entered Claire. No foreplay was necessary, they were both gagging for it.   Martin moved in and out with surprisingly delicacy and when he came, without waiting for Claire, she hid her annoyance and kissed him tenderly.

‘Thank you. That was nice.’

Martin was still learning. He would improve under her guidance. With her he would feel a warmth and a security he would never want to leave. All she asked was sex and plenty of it. In Martin she had a blank canvas to mould to her desires. “

And music for this? It would have to be Elvis wouldn’t it?   

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3 thoughts on “Jenny Was Sweet, or Three Cars and Three Songs

    1. It was! The A458 is a long road. Part of it goes within a mile of my house. And The Cat at Enville, on the A458 in South Staffs is one of my favourite pubs! Glad you liked my reminiscences. x

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