Jenny Was Sweet, or Three Cars and Three Songs

Three cars, three songs. And they go like this   I have owned ten cars. My favourite 3 are the sporty ones. Firstly a Mark Two Ford Cortina 1600E which I bought in 1985. It was gold with a black interior, Rostyle wheels and a sporty steering wheel. It had good midrange acceleration, was fun to drive and it looked the part. I loved that … Continue reading Jenny Was Sweet, or Three Cars and Three Songs

Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 15

The story continues. Read the previous chapter by Posy Churchgate here From the centre of the prison Sarah led me out through a barred door whose crash echoed through the prison as she slammed it shut behind us. A woman in a blue dress knelt and scrubbed the floor with a cloth, a large metal bucket beside her. She looked up as she saw us … Continue reading Delphine’s Schooldays – Chapter 15

A Splash of Michael Kors

Michael Kors Original is my go to fragrance although there are others that I like and wear occasionally. But Michael Kors is special to me because it is the smell of sex, the aroma of forbidden sex.  Nearly 20 years ago, long before I became Eve, long before I even thought I might one day transition, I began an affair with a married work colleague. … Continue reading A Splash of Michael Kors

Kinkphobia Strikes Again

I had a new follower on Twitter last week. To decide whether this person was worth following back I had a quick look at their timeline and saw a series of tweets of dicks, of vulvas in pictures taken from so close up, you could literally count the hairs, graphic clips of penetrative sex, usually doggy style in the manner of particularly tedious cisheteronormative porn, … Continue reading Kinkphobia Strikes Again