December Roundup

I haven’t done a roundup for a couple of months as I have been away, been in quarantine (which gives you plenty of time to do things but sucks out the energy you need to do them) and have had other writing projects.But here are a few of the things I enjoyed this month.

There was something seasonal to enjoy in the month’s first Sinful Sunday, from Focussed and Filthy There was something seasonal to enjoy in the month’s first Sinful Sunday, from Focussed and Filthy and this from Exposing 40 really made me laugh.

BDSM can be an enjoyable activity in its own right. It can also spice up sex. Either way, it is essential that bth dom and sub are attentive to the needs of their partner. May More writes here about a scene that went wrong and what she and her partner learnt from it.

Foreplay…..well yes…..I think this is a problematic concept. It reeks of cisheternormativity but is a pervasive idea in a world that seems to think that PiV is the only proper sex. Missy gives her take here

And taking of seasonal pics from Sinful Sunday for the Third Sunday In Advent, known as Gaudete Sunday, I enjoyed this from Molly and this from Jer Bear

There is, of course, more to sex than PiV but, as Girl on the Net once said to me after I read a PiV (well actually failed PiV story) at Eroticon some years ago, “there are times when you need just need a good fucking”. This, by Floss, gives her take on fucking as a kink.

I guess there are those who think that those of is who blog about sex are immune to loss of libido and feelings of inadequacy but I think we have all been affected at one time or another. I thought this post by The Other Livvy was brilliant. It should inspire all those having struggles of their own.

I wrote about Christmas for the Quote Quest meme here. I enjoyed reading the thoughts of Coffee and KInk on lockdown Christmas here

And talking of Christmas I love a good festive story. Like this by Posy Churchgate with a sequel by Nero Black

The immediate post festive Sinful Sunday had more fun pics of which I particularly liked this by Focussed and Filthy and this by Modesty Ablaze.

As regards memes, some have come and gone this year and certain people are boycotting certain memes. My favourite new meme is Little Switch Bitch’s Quote Quest and this post lists all those who have contributed this year. This is a great initiative but numbers of posters have been quite low in some weeks so please think about supporting this in 2021.

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