SoSS September

I normally like September, the autumn sunshine, apples and plums, game (I love roast pheasant) , the football season gaining momentum, which means Saturday afternoons at The Hawthorns, the favourite dresses I can take out of the wardrobe, wearing boots.  Particularly boots. In my boots I just feel good about myself, radiate the confidence of someone who knows she can take on the world and win. OK, maybe I can’t but feeling that you can never hurts.

Yet this year is different. The summer has passed and we had little from it. Nearly six months on from the start of lockdown our Government of charlatans is as clueless as ever. The no deal Brexit cliff edge looms ever larger. And whilst I was able to go to a fem dom event at last, my first for nearly a year, it was in line with the “new normal” meaning no play. And God how I am missing flogging backsides!  It may be well into 2021 before proper play in clubs can resume. And then there was Smutathon, enjoyable in its way but all done remotely. Hopefully we can go back to it original plan of a weekend in Scotland next year.

In these times, exploring my kink, my sexuality through writing and reading is more important than ever.  Here are some of the posts that I particularly enjoyed this month.

The blog of Ginger Wilde is new to me bit I will be back. As someone who is totally into vintage and burlesque I loved this. And I so agree. A girl can never be overdressed. Underoccasioned maybe. Overdressed never.

I love an autumn walk in the woods a sch as the next person and loved this atmospheric pic by Startled Jaffa.

Meanwhile my writing collaboration with Posy Churchgate continues and we are now up to Chapter Ten written by Posy as Delphine’s school adventures take another unexpected turn.

And it is a while since I featured anything by Francesca Demont. I have been in total awe of her since she posted a pic of herself rocking the latex when she was just two weeks post partum. And in this she looks equally amazing  

I have never made hay, while the sun shines or otherwise, but I think I need to add it to my bucket list after seeing this.  

At Smutathon I wrote a piece about my life and times in Ford Cortinas, with particular referece to my 1970 Mk 2 1600E EAB 521J. Read it here Now this car was first registered on 18th September 1970  which was the day Jimi Hendrix died. Which is a nice segue into this piece by Mrs K marking the anniversary. 

And talking of Smutathon I have’t read all the posts yet although I have heard one or two of them at the after party. But you can find them all here

For my food porn this month try this. I was sceptical about Nigella’s Chocolate and Guinness Cake when I first made it, the batter seemed far too liquid when I put the cake in the oven. But it works and the cake has a lovely springy texture. It looks great with the cream cheese frosting as the “head” but can I can just confess, I am old school in any things and my thing is traditional icing. The amount of icing sugar you have to beat into the cream cheese to get it to thicken properly is ridiculous. And sweet and sickly really isn’t my thing. Having said that, the cake is amazing so do try it. You can find the recipe here.

4 thoughts on “SoSS September

    • The cake is fab. When I first used this recipe I was thinking no, this can’t be right. the batter is far too sloppy but it did set and rise and had the springiness that Nigella talks about. Use Guinness Extra Stout as more of the flavour comes through.

  1. Thanks for championing me Eve, writing with you is so inspirational and we’re having fun with this wicked tale.

    I can totally agree about cream cheese icing, but your cake sounds worth investigating anyway. As for the other posts you’ve selected, I shall enjoy them at my leisure, thanks fro drawing them to my attention.

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