Choices Choices

Today is the start of the football season. Do I watch my team or do I go to a femdom event and catch up with some lovely people I haven’t seen for months. Tell me, dear reader, what do you think I should do?

A post for Sinful Sunday. Click the lips for more Sunday sin.

Sinful Sunday

12 thoughts on “Choices Choices

  1. Can’t you do both? Watch the game using a sub as a footstool or bench? Or to serve snacks or perform events as a result of penalties, touchdowns, or field goal? Just a thought? I love that boot.

    • Thank you! Sadly social distancing prevents me touching anyone! Oh and I am UK based so when I say football I mean what you would call soccer. But it’s an interesting idea.i am sure my sub would love being a cheerleader with pompoms and so on 🙂 I mean, what man wouldn’t!

      • Oh that made me laugh. And I forget that most of those I read are UK or EU based. My home team opened their American Football season today. Thus my confusion.

  2. Did they win? A work colleague actually plays gridiron here in the UK but I could never quite get my head round it although I did go to a couple of Superbowl parties when I was younger! “First down and ten”. What does that mean? 🙂

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