Delphine’s Schooldays Chapter 9

A continuation of the school adventures of young French aristocrat Delphine de Lotbiniere. Read the previous chapter here  The school has its own railway station. The green nameboards proclaim “Hernmere –  for St. Faith’s School” Before the war the two daughters of the General Manager of the Southern Railway attended the school and he arranged for the reference to the school to be added. Not … Continue reading Delphine’s Schooldays Chapter 9

Thoughts on Lockdown and a Jane Shilton Bag

I am actually quite proud of my Jane Shilton bag, one of only two authentically vintage items I possess. I attend quite a few vintage fairs but rarely buy anything. Partly this is because there is often not a lot to buy, particularly when it comes to clothes, and sometimes you wonder whether some of the traders have just bought their stock at charity shops, … Continue reading Thoughts on Lockdown and a Jane Shilton Bag

How I Became a Woman

As I lost consciousness I fell into dazzling whiteness at the bottom of which was a long shining corridor to a large oak door. I entered into a chamber where a magnificent woman sat on a throne, peacocks at either side. “Come kneel  before the Goddess of Cunt and make your petition.” “Gracious Goddess of Cunt, oh Queen of all Vulvas, I humbly request that … Continue reading How I Became a Woman

Keep Fit, Keep Kinky

It is sometimes said that that BDSM can be cathartic, giving people the chance to work through emotional baggage in a safe and non-judgemental environment, reenacting things as parody, turning pain as pleasure. I agree that I can. And that is the key word. I know kinksters who have experience things so painful that BDSM simply doesn’t work as catharsis and would simply bring back … Continue reading Keep Fit, Keep Kinky