Not Eroticon

At 2.35 this afternoon I had expected to be starting, a little nervously,  my presentation on masturbation at Eroticon 2020 . Instead I was returning home after getting my boots reheeled at the local cobbler. After a cup of tea and a cigarette I put the Christmas decorations away in the loft. It has really taken me that long  to get round to it! Earlier I met my Portuguese friend Carlos for lunch on his birthday and the chana masala at our favourite curry pub was rather good, The pub is close to The Hawthorns and today, which would have been a matchday, it would normally have been standing room only. My order, placed an hour and a half after opening time, was order number 4 which shows how quiet the pub was. Everywhere has been eerily quiet the last couple of days. It is as if everyone is hibernating waiting for the apocalypse. I feel a pervasive anxiety I cannot shake off.

I was so looking forward to Eroticon , to hanging out with my people, to drinking from the well of awesomeness that it represents for me, and others,  and recharging my sex blogging batteries for the coming months So I was bitterly disappointed when Eroticon was cancelled. I cried, and I was not the only one I am sure. I should make it clear that I fully support  Molly and Michael’s; decision  to cancel. They really had no other option and I know that the pain they feel is greater than mine.

But every cloud as they say,  has a silver lining. I chatted to a number of Eroticon friends online and felt so much better. Smutathon 2020 is being organised, I have a meetup with Posy Churchgate in the diary and maybe, just maybe, there may be another meetup in Birmingham in the summer. For Eroticon is much more than a conference. It is a community.

Tonight the plan was to go to Poppy’s in Camden with Posy for fish and chips, vintage style and I definitely planned not to get mushy peas over my dress this year! But I am having fish and chips at home instead, and I have prosecco. I will raise a glass to Posy. I will raise a glass to all of you. Until the next time!

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