SoSS – St. Andrew’s Day Edition

November has had an awful lot to offer in the sex blogging world. Here are some things I particularly enjoyed.

Chastity and orgasm denial have always intrigued me, more through intellectual curiosity than actual experience. I can imagine how being denied orgasm can enhance submissive feelings and this by Purple’s Gem is a consideration of how this works. I particularly like that this is written from the perspective of a femsub . Most of my BDSM world revolves around female domination and it is always valuable to gain insights from other parts of he kinky universe.

This, from Jupiter Grant was massively hot. I loved the humour and some of the little details too. The ball scratching reminds reminds me of an extremely embarrassing incident at a corporate Christmas do may years ago when a colleague asked a partner’s wife f she would ask her husband not to scratch his balls in the office. Ans, as for eating chocolate biscuits in the kitchen well………

Sinful Sunday for 3rd November had a Halloween theme and there were 2 pics I found quite amazing.

Purple’s Gem again

And Sub Bee

As you can imagine, trans issues are never far from my thoughts so I found this interesting. I do disagree with Melody   on the issue of self certification of gender for reasons which I may go into in a future post.   Suffice it to say that the Republic of Ireland has had self-certification since 2015 and the sky hasn’t fallen in, and the rad fem We Need to Talk campaign has been shameless in its mendacity  and fear mongering. But, when public debate and discourse has been so utterly debased in so many other areas can we expect better?

A couple of years ago one of the broadsheets marked Eroticon with a feature for which the partners of some well known sex bloggers were interviewed.It is always interesting to hear what they have to say and I enjoyed this by the husband of May More.

For obvious reasons I enjoyed this about my day out in London  with Posy Churchgate.

Most of my erotica is set in contemporary locations and I haven’t done much in the way of historical or fantasy settings. I do, however, enjoy reading where there imagination takes other writers, such as Deviant Succubus in this tasty piece of vampire erotica.

And talking of exotic locations, how about St.Petersburg? Francesca Demont illustrates this with some seriously hot pictures too. Do have a look

I missed most of the discussions of cum tributes. I am aware that there are men (well one anyway :-)) who fantasise about me and this doesn’t particularly bother me. Objectification is a word that is too easily bandied about in certain circles and I don’t think it is inherently a bad thing in the context of sexual desire. This was a very thoughtful contribution to the discussion from Sweet Girl

Latex is big fetish of mine. And fetishes are not the same as kinks, a point much misunderstood in the wider world. This Girl talks rubber and its significance for her here.

As a vintage loving girl lingerie is a big thing for me and a visit to What Katie Did is a must whenever I am in London. Lingerie id For Everyone is a meme I need to get into in 2020. I really enjoyed this roundup of Week 45.

I enjoyed this debut on Sinful Sunday and I also found out that my sister in smut Posy Churchgate can do shorthand.  And this got me reminiscing about Reggie Perrin and Joan although I am sure Mr. Watson never fantasised about Posy that way, or maybe he did! You can appreciate Posy’s secretarial talents here. .


And so, as ever, to car porn.Today is St. Andrew’s day so something Scottish is appropriate. Scottish cars I hear you say? The Hillman Imp was built at Linwood near Glasgow (not entirely successfully) and was rallied (very successfully) by the inspirational Rosemary Smith who I had the pleasure of meeting at Race Retro this year. Here she is  talking about her career and driving an F1 car at the age of 79.


3 thoughts on “SoSS – St. Andrew’s Day Edition

  1. Eve, thank you for giving 2 of my posts a mention, I’m delighted when I’m competing with so much great content. I am nodding along to all of your selections, some of which we discussed during our day in London. I too devoured Francesca’s posts set in St Petersburg and am hotly anticipating seeing you sport some vintage style lingerie for #LIFE very soon.

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