Let’s Get Together The Two of Us over a Glass Of Champagne

sang Sailor in their 1976 hit.  I have never really liked the song but it has that annoying habit some songs do of burrowing their way into your brain and refusing to leave. Another thing is that drinking champagne is something I really only do with girlfriends and is not linked, for me at least, to romance and sex.

So it seemed right to arrange to meet Posy Churchgate for our latest smutty sister outing at the St. Pancras Champagne Bar, watching the trains and admiring the wonderful architecture as we drank and chatted and gave a silent thank you to the late Sir John Betjeman who played a key role in saving this magnificent station and hotel from being bulldozed by British Rail and replaced by a replica of Euston.

Suitably refreshed we set off for Camden Market and the brand new Vagina Museum where we joined the crowds in the small exhibition space to take a peek at the inaugural exhibition. The Museum’s mission is to educate and inform, and this to empower, particularly empower the half of the human race with vulvas in not feeling shame, in promoting their own sexual health, in their quest for better sex through knowing how their bodies work. Empowered too to resist attempts to persuade them that their vaginas are dirty or smelly and need to be cleaned with soaps and lotions and creams. They don’t and some of the products  displayed on a kind of Shelf of Shame were frankly stomach churning. The very existence of vaginal tightening creams give eloquent testimony to the misogyny of the main stream adult industry.

The museum is not just about this though and locates its mission in the wider context of  feminism, LGBTQ+ positivity and trans inclusivity. It will be holding events too, including a Shabat meal for queer Jewish women next Friday.  In fact I would love to have come down this coming weekend too, both for that and for the following night’s launch party.

I will visit again soon when it is a bit quieter and I can have some time for reflection in what it all means to me. I thought a lot about period sex and shared some of my thoughts with Posy. I will return to this in a post when i have thought some more.

We finished up with a few drinks in a nearby pub where we met up with a few Eroticon friends. Another fabulous day with the sex blogging family. And more interesting conversation with Posy. We got on to true crime and talked bout the tragic Edith Thompson  who I have written about here.

There are now less than four months until we meet again at Eroticon and I am sure we will have even more to talk about then! In the meantime I will raise a glass (of Cava actually) and drink to sisterhood. I hope you will join me.



2 thoughts on “Let’s Get Together The Two of Us over a Glass Of Champagne

  1. A lovely account of a very enjoyable day spent together. It was decadent indeed drinking champagne so early in the day, and much enhanced by your company and the topics of conversation.

    Meeting the other bloggers later and supporting the opening of the Vagina Museum, which looks as if it will educate, empower and raise awareness of many issues relating to female genitalia. Best of all were our talks – sharing information, bouncing ideas around and finding topics of common interest.

    Roll on Eroticon and thank you sister for your continued support x

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