Sharing our Shit -Halloween Edition

There has been a lot to enjoy over the last few days. Here are a few of the things I particularly enjoyed.

I have written a story about period sex, its glorious, wonderful, messiness and the bonds it can create. This story was based on a real-life encounter, and it is an experience that, a dozen years on, I am deeply grateful for. So it is always interesting to hear the perspectives of others. Like this post from Molly on last week’s Sinful Sunday.

Slightly less elemental was this pic from Quinn Rhodes who was celebrating her 2 year blogversary, with a wittily arranged pic that gets to the heart of what sex blogging is about, and why it is not all about sex.

Also from Sinful Sunday I loved this pic by Little Switch Bitch, a kind of view behind the scenes.

Returning to Smutathon, Anne Stagg posted an intriguing story called When The Circus Came to Corwen. I always think it is brave to set erotic fiction in historical contexts but when you pull it off, as Anne does here, the results are so, so satisfying.

This blog as originally conceived,  was to write in defence of sex workers’ rights and anything else I fancied writing about. I am still passionate about this cause and value the corner of my Facebook where I connect with sex workers and activists from around the world. Anne Modus I have followed form the very beginning of this blog and this post about the Nordic Mode in Norway is well worth reading.

Masturbation Monday gave us this clever take on Bridget Jones

And as a domme who has done several consensual non consent schoolroom and prison scenes I very much enjoyed this account of a school scene

This Girl is doing an October Gas Mask Challenge from which I enjoyed this.

This post by May More was deeply thought provoking and got my thinking abut my won roads not taken.

Oh and I can’t forget car porn can I? I grew up not far from Longbridge so Austins were part of my life from a young age. I remember when there were still plenty of Austin A35s on the road In fact I remember having a lift to school in one. As the engines were very tuneable, sporty versions, such as this one modified by the Speedwell company, were prominent in saloon car racing.  Here is one in  action. This is sex on four wheels, believe me!

Please have a look, and support these fantastic blogs.

I am going away and taking a break from this blog. My net scheduled SoSS post will be on Saturday 16th November.

2 thoughts on “Sharing our Shit -Halloween Edition

  1. Thanks for mentioning my Bridget Jones homage – I hope people will read the 2 installments in full.
    I am enjoying browsing through the other posts to which you’ve drawn my attention.

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