Sharing Our Shit – Leaf Fall Edition

There has been a lot to enjoy online this week.  Here are a few things I particularly enjoyed.

I  do enjoy a good spanking, mainly giving, and loved this.

As many of you will know I did a photoshoot with Exposing 40a few weeks ago and this among many things, has given me a better  appreciation of her work. She is also now a sister in smut so I make more regular visits to her bog than I used to. I really enjoyed this.

Now back in the day, goal hanging was the source of many disagreements in games of playground football. For many it was the cardinal sin in a game with no offside. And I goal hung with the best. But goal hanging  never looked quite like this. And I do remember the rugby post shot that Livvy refers to.  L thought at the time that I would never have the courage to do anything like that. But times change and with my new body confidence who knows what I might get up to?

And talking of sisters in smut, I couldn’t resist this Stranglers themed pic from Posy Churchgate. Fine blogger, finer temptress…….

My journey in kink has been one from femdom back to femdom with many adventures en route. I think that submission to a dominant woman can be the most beautiful thing in the world of kink. And it angers me that I still hear submissives who submit to women spoken of disparagingly. Submissive men, in particular, are still stigmatised in some quarters. The submissive men I know are genuinely wonderful people. They have courage, honesty, decency and they are rewarded with beautiful life enhancing experiences at the hands of equally wonderful women. But enough from me.  Read here the thoughts of Floss Does Life.

And I finish where I came in, with impact play. Yes it does hurt, I speak as a former switch, and yes, agony can lead to ecstasy. I enjoyed these thought provoking reflections by Jenby guest blogging on Girl on the Net

Well, not quite the end. I always finish with petrolhead porn. This week, a car that was still in production when I passed my driving test, a car I could have bought once but didn’t, and have kind of regretted it ever since. The Ford Escort RS2000 Mk 2. Lying across the bonnet feeling the throb of a warmed up Pinto engine cold almost beat a Doxy.



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