It’s Smutathon Time Again!

The wonderful Coffee and Kink attended her first Eroticon as recently as 2017. This seems hard to believe as she is such a fixture on the sex blogging scene. It was her idea to hold the first sex blogging marathon, which was christened Smutathon, later that year. It was on 2nd July 2017 that a few of us made ourselves comfortable in the London home of Exhibit A and The Other Livvy  and just blogged away, with food and booze to fuel us as we wrote. A few other bloggers participated remotely, in Jerusalem Mortimer’s case from Australia.  So this was a truly worldwide event. And a huge success, apart from my sponge cake!

Last year we did it again, this time in suburban Northwich, Cheshire, in a house with a hot tub and snotty neighbours. And this, being Cheshire set country, there was a rather good deli nearby where I stocked up on my way home. I am sooo middle class!

2019 sees the main event in Montreal, home of the lovely Jayne Renault and Bellesa. I had hoped to be there but I will actually be at home, doing it all remotely and linking uo with the others via Skype. I will, however, be in Montreal in spirit, and will be doing half a dozen pieces with a Canadian theme.

Smutathon 2019 has a dedicated website where you can get all the details and read all the posts, and also get information on how to donate to the causes we are supporting this year. Check it out on Saturday 28th September. I can  promise you a treat.

And here is some music from a Montreal band to get us all in a Canadian mood.


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