In Search of the Zipless Fuck…..Or Not

I suppose I am not much like Erica Jong’s heroine and I doubt I will be any more successful in finding the zipless fuck than she was. Nonetheless reading Fear of Flying some years ago coincided with a new relationship and some amazing sex and got me thinking in a new way about female sexuality.  I will correct that. It got me thinking about female sexuality as something that I couldn’t just take for granted, couldn’t make simple assumptions that it was like mine.

As I reflected on this I became acutely aware that it was a mystery and, however much was revealed by individual partners in lovemaking, it would, to a great event, always be a mystery. This, of course, is a good thing. Where there is no mystery there can be no true eroticism. And yet I needed to know more. I sometimes sat alone, shutting my eyes, replaying in my head the previous night’s lovemaking, and trying to imagine how it was for her.

And the mystery of female sexuality has hung over my transition, it has fuelled my lovemaking with women sine I began my transition, my beautiful adventures in sex without penetration, my growing appreciation of the beauty of the vulva, my realisation, delighted realisation, that there were further mysteries  behind the mysteries.

Before then I had begun to write and blog. I am sure I am not the only writer about sex who writes to explore tings she cannot directly experience, to pursue things that must always be elusive, although close enough to tease and tantalise. It is lovely that people enjoy my writing, and wonderful beyond words when when tell me that they found a story hot or could identify with a particular character.  However, I write ultimately for myself, and don’t imagine that the reaction of women to my writing means that I am any closer to grasping the mystery and laying it bare.

I wouldn’t want to do this, even it were possible.  My transition has been driven by sex, my blogging is an attempt to make sense of it all. I am on a journey whose destination I don’t know. And that is fine for me. I am enjoying the journey too much to want it to end.

I am continuing my journey this Saturday at Smutathon, where I will be joined by a number of other brilliant writers.   And to donate to or chosen cause this year click on the image below.

Goal Thermometer

Sharing Our Shit – Leaf Fall Edition

There has been a lot to enjoy online this week.  Here are a few things I particularly enjoyed.

I  do enjoy a good spanking, mainly giving, and loved this.

As many of you will know I did a photoshoot with Exposing 40a few weeks ago and this among many things, has given me a better  appreciation of her work. She is also now a sister in smut so I make more regular visits to her bog than I used to. I really enjoyed this.

Now back in the day, goal hanging was the source of many disagreements in games of playground football. For many it was the cardinal sin in a game with no offside. And I goal hung with the best. But goal hanging  never looked quite like this. And I do remember the rugby post shot that Livvy refers to.  L thought at the time that I would never have the courage to do anything like that. But times change and with my new body confidence who knows what I might get up to?

And talking of sisters in smut, I couldn’t resist this Stranglers themed pic from Posy Churchgate. Fine blogger, finer temptress…….

My journey in kink has been one from femdom back to femdom with many adventures en route. I think that submission to a dominant woman can be the most beautiful thing in the world of kink. And it angers me that I still hear submissives who submit to women spoken of disparagingly. Submissive men, in particular, are still stigmatised in some quarters. The submissive men I know are genuinely wonderful people. They have courage, honesty, decency and they are rewarded with beautiful life enhancing experiences at the hands of equally wonderful women. But enough from me.  Read here the thoughts of Floss Does Life.

And I finish where I came in, with impact play. Yes it does hurt, I speak as a former switch, and yes, agony can lead to ecstasy. I enjoyed these thought provoking reflections by Jenby guest blogging on Girl on the Net

Well, not quite the end. I always finish with petrolhead porn. This week, a car that was still in production when I passed my driving test, a car I could have bought once but didn’t, and have kind of regretted it ever since. The Ford Escort RS2000 Mk 2. Lying across the bonnet feeling the throb of a warmed up Pinto engine cold almost beat a Doxy.



Dear John

Dear John,

I hope you have had a great time on holiday. I have really enjoyed taking care of your flat and now have a week away myself. I look forward to catching up when I get back.

I have vacuumed, washed up the dirty plates you left lying around the place, (please don’t use plates as ashtrays again!). I have watered your plants every day . I even cleaned your bathroom. I was going to change your bedclothes but well ……actually I have a confession to make.

I slept in your bed every night, loving how the sheets smelt of you, and I played with myself, coming as I fantasised about what we could do together in that bed. I put two, sometimes, `three finger into my soaking wet cunt, and smeared my juices on your pillow.  And that porn mag in the bedside cabinet. The blonde in the centrefold, (she is gorgeous isn’t she?) now smells of me. I so got off on rubbing her pussy against mine. Get up close, smell her and you smell me. Wank to her and you are wanking to me..

Enjoy your bed John, and know that on nights alone you are never alone. And you have my key. It’s in the drawer with the mag. Do remember to water my plants, and if you could put the vacuum round that would be much appreciated. And why not sleep at mine? I want my bed to smell of you and I want to masturbate to you in my bed wen I come back, a bed that smells of you. I need you to come in my bed. Grind against the mattress after you come and mix your juices with mine.

And if I come back to a bed that smells of you then I know that I know I can leave my knickers at home when I next come round to see you don’t I?

See you very soon

Your dirty little slut


A post for Masturbation Monday.

Masturbation Monday


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It’s Smutathon Time Again!

The wonderful Coffee and Kink attended her first Eroticon as recently as 2017. This seems hard to believe as she is such a fixture on the sex blogging scene. It was her idea to hold the first sex blogging marathon, which was christened Smutathon, later that year. It was on 2nd July 2017 that a few of us made ourselves comfortable in the London home of Exhibit A and The Other Livvy  and just blogged away, with food and booze to fuel us as we wrote. A few other bloggers participated remotely, in Jerusalem Mortimer’s case from Australia.  So this was a truly worldwide event. And a huge success, apart from my sponge cake!

Last year we did it again, this time in suburban Northwich, Cheshire, in a house with a hot tub and snotty neighbours. And this, being Cheshire set country, there was a rather good deli nearby where I stocked up on my way home. I am sooo middle class!

2019 sees the main event in Montreal, home of the lovely Jayne Renault and Bellesa. I had hoped to be there but I will actually be at home, doing it all remotely and linking uo with the others via Skype. I will, however, be in Montreal in spirit, and will be doing half a dozen pieces with a Canadian theme.

Smutathon 2019 has a dedicated website where you can get all the details and read all the posts, and also get information on how to donate to the causes we are supporting this year. Check it out on Saturday 28th September. I can  promise you a treat.

And here is some music from a Montreal band to get us all in a Canadian mood.