Bog Standard


We came down the escalator and turned towards the exit from the shopping centre when he grabbed my arm and steered me towards the gender-neutral toilet with the baby changing facility. He pushed me inside and locked the door.

“We can’t” I protested, “not in here there are too many people about.”

But he was already fumbling with his belt, and, as he unzipped his flies, his rock hard cock burst through the opening, the end glistening with precome. I let my skirt drop to the floor, climbed on to the baby changer and he was quickly on top of me.

I arched my back to give him a better angle and he pushed hard into my still dry cunt. He winced too from the abrasion but was soon pumping furiously as I finally got wet

But it was as hard as fuck on the baby changer, each thrust hurt and I needed it to be over.  I fingered my clit vigorously and said,

“Come now. I will come with you.”

And we came together, trying so hard to suppress he sounds that might give us away. We dressed quickly and left the toilet quickly, hoping no one would see us. He looked down and exclaimed “Of fuck!”

I looked at him, looked at his trousers. There was a ten pence piece sized come stain 0n the crotch, all too visible against the light grey, I smiled How was he going to explain that to his wife?


After the third beer I knew I wanted her. But making out with women was a whole new territory for me. I just didn’t know how to approach this. Erotic tension was hanging in the air as I sat with Adrienne on a summer’s night in the garden of a lesbian bar but I was on new territory foe which  had no map.

“Come on” she said, “let’s go.”

I hung back as she headed for the outside toilet. Then she turned and said

“Are you coming Eve?”

She bundled me in and bolted the door. She pulled off her top ad stood bare breasted with her back to the door.

“Take me”

I moved in to kiss her n the mouth before kissing her breasts, sucking m her nipples, squeezing them between my lips as she gasped. Soon I was on my knees, pulling down her jeans and panties to eat greedily at her cunt.

There was a loud hammering at the door. And voices.

“I don’t know what thy are doing in there?

“Can’t you guess?  I don’t want to spoil their fun but I am fucking bursting.”

  1. He looked anxious as he knelt before me.

“Have you been following orders since I last saw you?”

“Yes Mistress”

“And your toilet, is that flushed and clean this time?”

“Yes Mistress”

”Prove it.”

“But how Mistress?”

“Lick it out.”

He took a while to absorb this order and when he did I saw fear in his eyes.

“But Mistress no…. I mean I.. .”

“If you want to serve me you do as you are told.”

“Yes Mistress”

Crushed, he went to the bathroom on his hands and knees, and, with weary resignation, lifted the lid and plunged his head into the gleaming white porcelain.

I laughed my most evil laugh.


The scene began to go wrong when, at the moment, I went to flush the toilet, someone grabbed a shampoo bottle and poured shampoo over my sub’s head. I had to stop the scene as he was clearly in difficulty, the flush having washed shampoo into his eyes. It was becoming clear that demonstrating bathroom humiliation for an audience was not a good idea. Neither of us could get in the headspace somebody had interfered with our scene. To cap it all,  someone then complained that it was gross and disgusting and they didn’t ever want to see it again. Well maybe but there is a thing we have on the scene called Your Kink Isn’t My Kink But Your Kink is OK.  There are many different kinks and we accept the kinks of others which may do nothing for us. We don’t judge.


Actually I generally like to be on my own in bathrooms, and am often to be found with a book, the radio, even a malt whisky. Me time, me space.   But I do occasionally have company. The 4 scenes are fictionalised accounts of things I have done.

Sex in toilets for me generally means public toilets.  Why would you bother at home? It is generally spontaneous rushed, with a fear of discovery to add a frisson, and frequently uncomfortable.   But sometimes you just have to don’t you? And it’s usually fun. Or maybe you just remember it as fun once the bruises and aches and pains have been forgotten!

BDSM in toilets is quite different. It needs planning and time, which means domestic or hotel bathrooms, and it is a niche kink. Degradation play is edge play and needs to be handled very carefully by the dominant. It is also incredibly intimate, and few things create bonds quite like having a submissive use his tongue to be your toilet paper! But, even in he context of a kinky private house party , it is not for an audience. That we learnt the hard way.

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