SoSS – New Football Season Edition

There were so any great things on the net this week that it was hard to pick a small section to share with you. But here goes.

Many of the posts I liked were fun or hot or both. This was neither but a serious and thought provoking piece about the users and manipulators, the toxic sociopaths we all encounter, including rather too many in the scenes that we like to frequent. And as I read I couldn’t help thinking of our new Prime Minister.

Since I last posted for SoSS I have had a photoshoot with Exposing 40. I have blogged here but the day and how fabulous it was to spend time with someone I had only ever had brief conversations with before. It has also given me a better appreciation of her photography. And I loved this from her shoot with 19 Syllables, who I also had the pleasureof meeting at Erotion 2019

I will be posting abut toilets in the relatively near future. I have had BDSM scenes in toilets, I have had sex in toilets, most of it spontaneous, and yes, I also like my solitude, time to think, time to read, maybe even to write.  So I could relate to this.  

I have had some quite sexy conversations by text message over the years but never been the remote third party in a threesome.This post, by Exhibit A, did exactly what it said on the time. It was hot!

Gender fluidity is something I have a personal interest in and this, from Sinful Sunday,appealed to me.

I massively enjoyed this, also from Sinful Sunday and it had a certain resonance for me on Sunday.The previous night I had been at a humiliation themed play party where everyone was invited by one dominant lady to tweak the nipples of her sub who was also locked in chastity. I merely teased him, stroking his nipples, occasionally putting thumb and forefinger together to make him think I was going to give him a tweak. His response, which I am sure he had no control over, was to dribble through his gag. He was clearly finding the intense sensations quite unbearable. With this fresh in my mind, this image was really hot. I like it too because it is a capturing of motion in a staged photograph.  

And to finish up, as usual, some car porn. This one is actually linked to my photoshoot with Exposing 40. After finishing the pics we went for cocktails at a nearby pub, where we sat in the outdoor area with a view of the main road outside. To my amazement, a Mark One Mini Cooper S drew up at the traffic lights outside. I wasn’t quite quick enough to get a picture. But there are loads of clips of Coopers online. Here is one of them.


2 thoughts on “SoSS – New Football Season Edition

  1. This is a really great soss – – i know i am there but besides my post – the way the whole article is set out is brilliant – Thank you for including my post – and steer clear of those great pretenders – BTW – can’t wait to see more of those photos from the EX40 session 😉

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