Bog Standard

1. We came down the escalator and turned towards the exit from the shopping centre when he grabbed my arm and steered me towards the gender-neutral toilet with the baby changing facility. He pushed me inside and locked the door. “We can’t” I protested, “not in here there are too many people about.” But he was already fumbling with his belt, and, as he unzipped … Continue reading Bog Standard

Sex Work and the not so Libertarians

Matt Ridley of The Times can generally be relied to write nonsense, which is maybe not surprising as his late father Nicholas Ridley never said much that wasn’t nonsense.  Ridley pere’s ideological loyalty to Margaret Thatcher did not save his political career as the gaffes mounted up and she decided he had to go. Father and son Ridley both considered themselves libertarians and in an … Continue reading Sex Work and the not so Libertarians