Sisters in Smut

The pictures will come later. Some of the anyway. I spent Sunday with Exposing 40 doing a photoshoot at her flat. And it was an amazing experience exploring how I could love my body and show this body love in pictures.  I had a suitcase full of props, boots, PVC gloves, a flogger, a vibrator, and a leopard print dress. Several of the picture showcase my tattoos, which are not purely decorative but actually tell my story in ink on skin.

But the day wasn’t just about pictures, it was about spending time with a member of the sex blogging community with whom I had only had shortish conversations at Eroticon before. And I have had more a more opportunities in the last year or so to meet sex bloggers away from the quite pressured environment of Eroticon where there is never time to have all the conversations you want to have.

Three weeks earlier I had a day out in London with Posy Churchgate. We went to Sh! and we had cocktails at Cahoots ad I gave her an insight into my vintage world. We talked about sex and sexuality too and connected.

That is the key aspect of all this. For me these meetings reinforce the idea that we sex bloggers are not a random group of people who meet for fleeting conversations once a year, but a supportive community, even a family.

Posy, Exposing 40, I so loved the time I spent with you, and getting to know you. Can I call you sisters?









3 thoughts on “Sisters in Smut

  1. Hey Sister! We are indeed bonded in smutty sisterhood. I am delighted that you felt the connection too! We had such a decadent day, I loved how you helped me navigate around London – our trip to Sh! Womenstore was great cos it really fostered some great convos! I loved the exciting setting of Cahoots and our delicious cocktails but mos of all I was hanging on every word of the tasters you gave me of your story plots!

    I can’t wait to see the photos Exposing 40 took, your tattoos are indeed beautiful body art telling your story and your lovely legs and feet need to be showcased more often. Roll on the post which shares those!

    1. Calling my legs lovely means that i will love you or ever! Got a couple of pieces of lesbian fiction coming up ( and both very personal). Watch this space. xx

      1. We are both fans of a good leg I think, I am going to pull up a chair and wait for those stories xx

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