Sisters in Smut

The pictures will come later. Some of the anyway. I spent Sunday with Exposing 40 doing a photoshoot at her flat. And it was an amazing experience exploring how I could love my body and show this body love in pictures.  I had a suitcase full of props, boots, PVC gloves, a flogger, a vibrator, and a leopard print dress. Several of the picture showcase my tattoos, which are not purely decorative but actually tell my story in ink on skin.

But the day wasn’t just about pictures, it was about spending time with a member of the sex blogging community with whom I had only had shortish conversations at Eroticon before. And I have had more a more opportunities in the last year or so to meet sex bloggers away from the quite pressured environment of Eroticon where there is never time to have all the conversations you want to have.

Three weeks earlier I had a day out in London with Posy Churchgate. We went to Sh! and we had cocktails at Cahoots ad I gave her an insight into my vintage world. We talked about sex and sexuality too and connected.

That is the key aspect of all this. For me these meetings reinforce the idea that we sex bloggers are not a random group of people who meet for fleeting conversations once a year, but a supportive community, even a family.

Posy, Exposing 40, I so loved the time I spent with you, and getting to know you. Can I call you sisters?









Mornington Crescent

Not least of the attractions of being with James was that he was a wonderful cook. Most of the time they were not in the bedroom they spent in the kitchen with Debbie obediently preparing the vegetables, washing up, doing everything Chef required in anticipation of the treats ahead.

It was a Monday evening, a Bank Holiday Monday to be precise. After a day of enjoyable outdoor play, when Debbie had brought home the nettles needed for the soup inside her panties, they were in the kitchen preparing dinner. The nettles were wilting nicely in the saucepan as Debbie’s buttocks bubbled red with pain and discomfort. She had been ordered to prepare the vegetables and took out a wooden chopping board and Sabatier knife.  Debbie chopped the thick courgettes with their bulbous ends and soon fell into a reverie as she contemplated their similarity to what she doubtless had awaiting her after dinner.

‘Are you listening to me slut?’ asked James suddenly with obvious irritation.

‘I’m sorry sir,’ answered Debbie, clearly flustered at being so rudely woken from her dreams.

‘I said switch the radio on and tune it to Radio Four,’

‘Yes sir, I am very sorry sir’ .

She switched the radio on and selected Radio Four as ordered. There was a panel game on , or rather, the antidote to panel games as she noted. Debbie returned to chopping courgettes telling herself that she needed to be more attentive.

As the panellists launched into a game called Mornington Crescent, Debbie noticed a glint appear in James’ eye.

‘Your task for this week slut is to be fucked by a complete stranger at Mornington Crescent tube station and to bring me proof. Is that clear?’

‘Yes sir’ said Debbie and carried on chopping.

The following Wednesday Debbie took the afternoon off to prepare for her assignment. It was a chilly day and she selected her favourite fur and black patent boots. She would have nothing on under the coat. She loved the way that a heavy fur could naturally fall open, expose her breasts and help her trap her prey. She stood in front of the mirror and arranged and rearranged the coat just to see how she could show her cleavage to best effect.

Debbie had decided to head out at two o’ clock when there might be men about not in too much of a hurry to stop for sex, when it would be busy enough to trap a suitable partner but not so busy that you couldn’t have sex on the platform once you had waited until the passengers had drifted away. The station was relatively quiet in the afternoon, you might have three minutes, what more did you need particularly if you could get ready while you were on the train.

She slipped her keys, her Oyster card, phone, packet of condoms and her little Chanel No. 5 spray, into the deep pockets of the fur coat and set off walking briskly and confidently down the road to the Tube station.

She changed onto the Northern Line at Charing Cross, stood by the door of the carriage, making herself as visible as possible, breathing slowly and deliberately, letting her breasts move up and down with stately magnificence, licking the lips on which the bright red lipstick had hardened nicely. She took out her bottle and sprayed a further thin mist of Chanel behind her ears, on her neck. The trap was set.

By Leicester Square the train was quite full and a tallish balding man got on and stood next to her pushing himself against her.

‘A frotteur’ she thought with quiet satisfaction.

Debbie did not yield but pushed back against him and forced her left knee between his legs. She breathed slowly, looked at him. He went red. She looked to the floor and his eyes followed. Now he could see the gleaming black boots. She pushed her knee up towards his crotch and felt his cock, felt it begin to stiffen with the excitement of a booted female leg rubbing against his inner thigh.

He smiled and shut his eyes.

‘I’ve got you mate’ thought Debbie with satisfaction.

She shifted her position slightly and moved her face to a position where she could smell his breath which was fresh, with a touch of mint. He looked and smelt clean. That was a relief.

The man pushed back against her and began to grind his crotch against hers. He looked furtively around and seeing that the other passengers were engrossed in their Kindles and newspapers, began to grind against her. He then slipped his right hand inside Debbie’s coat and began to squeeze and twist her right nipple at the same moment as he slipped his left hand in further down and after a little fumbling found her swollen clit. He worked it with his finger, breathed heavily and ground and ground before starting a pumping motion. Debbie could feel his huge stiff cock straining against his trousers, straining against the fur, like a missile seeking the target that was so close, the target that was dilating, was getting wetter and wetter. As he slid two, then three, fingers inside her, Debbie felt her clit rub against the lining of her coat. She wanted to do it now. She could not wait to Mornington Crescent. She was aware that she was panting and gasping, aware suddenly that people were looking at them. Debbie didn’t care. She just needed to be fucked.

‘Discipline’ she said to herself, ‘Self control.’ That much James had taught her well.

As the train pulled into Euston the man made no move to get off with the crowds. Debbie was relieved. He wanted this as much as she did. As the train rolled out of the station and plunged back into the dark tunnel, she heard herself saying

‘Dark tunnels, do you like going into long dark tunnels?’

She was astonished. She hadn’t intended to say anything to the man. He looked away, too embarrassed to speak but, using the motion of the train as a pretext, pushed against her hard so that they were crotch to crotch. Again he ground his crotch against her, this time he tormented the left nipple. The pain and the pleasure worked together in an intoxicating medley of sensation. She felt relief as the lights of Mornington Crescent station began to flash past. Debbie simply could not wait any longer.

The doors opened and she virtually pushed him out of the train. She pushed him into the corner by the clock at the far end of the platform. Soon they were alone on the platform. Debbie looked at the platform indicator. There were four minutes until the next train.

‘We’ve got two minutes I reckon. You’ve got me ready, now you’ve got to fuck me and fuck me hard’ she said.

She bent over, threw up her coat and placed her fingers between her legs to massage the wet cunt again, prove to herself just how wet it was and to show him the way. He unzipped his trousers came forward and as he did so Debbie grabbed his huge swollen cock, rolled on the condom and guided him in.

‘We’ve got to be quick. Just give it to me hard, hard.’

And he began to give it to her with big pelvic thrusts that forced his cock deep into her, His flesh thumped against her thighs harder and harder. He began to flag and paused to pant.

‘I can’t ‘he said. ‘I can’t manage any more.,,,’

‘Yes you can I haven’t come yet,’

Debbie spun round and knelt before him, removed the condom and took the diminishing cock into her mouth. She tongue whipped the end, she licked her way along, licked her way along the shaft before taking as big a mouthful as she could manage without choking sucked and pulled, purring with delight as the man stiffened and threw his head back, as if he was seeing stars. She felt the cock begin to swell and harden then he gasped and come began to flow into her mouth. She swallowed then pulled back to look up at the man, like a naughty girl caught with the remains of a cream cake around her mouth.

‘Now do it again ‘she said rubbing the cock, and sliding another condom on.

She stood up and bent down facing the tiled wall. There were people gathering on the platform now. She draped the coat over the man’s cock and grabbed his buttocks to pull him in close and guide the cock into the hole that was by now a gateway to a warm and sensuous lake that was being filled by her fountain of arousal. The man pumped and pumped and as Debbie bent down further to allow him to penetrate long and deep she placed a finger on her clit and began to rub vigorously. She heard a train rumbling closer, closer. Soon it would disgorge crowds of passengers who would catch them in the act.

They came together just as the train pulled into the station, rushed to rearrange their clothes as two dozen passengers stepped out into the platform. The man walked quickly away and Debbie suddenly realised she had forgotten the proof.

‘Shit!’ she said but the man was already on the train which was pulling out. She had done her duty but had no proof!

As she turned to head for the southbound platform she felt a tap on her shoulder.

‘Could I have a word madam?’

She started. It was a bearded transport policeman.

He held out a pair of handcuffs.

‘I’m arresting you for lewd behaviour in a public place.’

She held our hands to be cuffed, too much in shock to resist and meekly complied with his instructions as he led her away down a tunnel to a door marked No Entry to General Public.

He pushed her against the wall and said

‘I have photographic evidence of you committing a serious criminal offence. You could get two years for this. ‘

He showed her the footage on a mobile phone.

‘This matter will go to court unless………unless………’


‘Unless you kneel down and blow me.’

‘But that’s outrageous’

‘Do it slut do it now.’

He took out his cock and Debbie knelt before him. Either this or prison, she thought, and maybe he would let her have a picture for James…….James? She looked closely at the cock, she looked up. The policeman pulled off his beard and said

‘Well done slut. A task completed to my complete satisfaction. But carry on, don’t let me stop you.’

And Debbie took James’ cock in her cuffed hands, took it to her mouth and began to suck her dom’s magnificent member. She had been obedient and surely James would not withhold her reward.

‘By the way’ he said ‘we’re having roast duck tonight, with apples and red cabbage.’