Sharing Our Shit 8th June 2019

Thoughts on a few thing I have read recently.

I have been thinking a lot about crushes recently, and am working on a post on this very subject,  so I found this by Meg John and Justin interesting thought provoking.

I have crushes on people I know (although no one I now particularly well) but I guess I am not the only one to fantasise about strangers. Indeed it is not unknown for people seen on buses and trains to appear in my stories. I can still remember some of the people I fantasised about 40 years ago,  the woman on the bus to Birmingham with the short blonde hair and brown leather coat who seemed  to sit next to me on the cramped five person back seat more often than could be put down to chance? Or so I fantasised.  And there will be a story set in 1978 some time. The least I can do for her is use my pen to make her 30 again and let her have amazing sex. Yes, and maybe I will have that fantasy date to see The Motors at Barbarellas. So I enjoyed this little reflection by Kayla Lords.

In my kink persona I enjoy humiliating and degrading submissives although it has taken me a while to get to this point, to understanding the emotional needs of my submissives for this kind of play, the often treacherous ground to be negotiated, to find the kinds of play that bring release and catharsis and learning about that will cause pain and trauma.  And there are kinds of degradation play that, I think, will always remain hard limits. I do, however, get a real buzz out of bathroom and toilet humiliation, although I have met people on the scene who really don’t get MKINYKBYKIOK. Once I was asked, with my sub, to demonstrate bathroom play at a private house party,  only  for one of our hosts (the one who asked us for the demo!)  to tell us it was gross and disgusting and that we wouldn’t be welcome at their parties again. Victoria Blisse does, however, get degradation and I enjoyed this.

When this blog started nearly 7 years ago,I wrote a lot about sex work. And I keep having to come back to it.This piece in The Guardian says  it really. There can be no true feminism that does not embrace ALL women and feminism that excludes women because of disapproval of the way they use their bodies is not feminism. And on this note, please do not vote for the Women’s Equality Party which not only backs the discredited Nordic Model but had been complicit in the harassment ad outing of sex workers

Well that has to be a bit of car porn too doesn’t there? This week enjoy the E30 BMW 325i . Yes, I know they had a terrible reputation as Yuppiemobiles back in the heyday of Thatcherism  and if you buy one now you have to cope with the traumatic thought that the first owner may well have been a dickhead in red braces but, believe me, they were, and are, brilliant cars.

And finally a little music. This always reminds me of my fantasy lover of 1978.Enjoy.


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