Sharing Our Shit – Eurovision Special

Those who know me in real life know that I am a total petrol head. I currently drive an Abarth 595 and have raw, unrefined fun in a car that looks oh so cute but, believe me, isn’t. It is the car for the woman I want to be, a bit girly, quite feminine, but a lot scorpion, and even more bitch. I have owned BMWs, Saabs, two Cortina 1600Es and a Mini.

And, as you might expect of a petrol head sex blogger, I have had sex in a few cars, (not the Abarth sadly – it is way too small) and am a firm believer in not having cloth seats in cars, particularly after a spillage on the back seat in a dark country lane in Oxfordshire many years ago

So I always read about car sex with more than a degree of interest and this week I really liked this by Posy Churchgate. And the petrol head in me loved the picture of a Rover P5.

A Twitter conversation about uniforms led to a discussion of religious habits which led, in turn, to my reading this by May More.

I have just finished a reflection on the April 30 Days of Orgasm Fun challenge and enjoyed this by Marie Rebelle.

I am intrigued by polyamory although I don’t identify as poly myself.The Other Livvy discusses here how polyamory looks from the perspective of someone whose primary partner has secondary partners but, herself, neither has nor needs a secondary partner.

And finally this. Not about sex at all really but a piece of car porn. Or maybe this is it all about sex after all?

3 thoughts on “Sharing Our Shit – Eurovision Special

  1. Eve – thank you so much for featuring my story in your #SoSS round up, my friend had an Abarth and it was total cutie of a car (with quite a kick to it!). I can even see elements of you in the way you describe the car.

    When I saw the Rover at a vintage car display in my nearest town, I had to take a picture of it with the long term plan of using it as an illustration if I ever wrote up a story inspired by real events in that very car! Glad you appreciated it.

    I love the piece by May which you chose too, but the others I shall now investigate as they’d gone under my radar. I hope you enjoy your Eurovision celebrations!

  2. Many thanks for including one of my sinners tales. Quite funny really as this morning i have been writing another one for the WW ritual prompt 😉

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